Plum crazy!

The plum tree really produced this year so we were determined to make good on the haul!


Plums drying in the dehydrator to make medieval plum pudding (which actually contained plums whereas modern plum pudding doesn’t seem to!).


Ready to go in the oven. ..


Plum torte based on a 1989 NYT recipe. Here’s hoping! With Dave cooking lentils it really smells good in here!


  1. Marilou 27 July, 2015

    Well, how did it taste Looks very good.

  2. Gramma 16 August, 2015

    You didn’t mention that these plums are exceedingly special —
    They are “tipped-over” plums from the tree that literally tipped over, and is tied to a post at about a 45-degree angle. That means the sun has more thoroughly ripened that harvest from all sides. Right?

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