Out looking for mischief and all we get is LOST!

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Don’t worry, everything turned out ok! Angel and I went for a hike this morning to Manoa Falls on the leeward side of the island. First, we stopped to get lattes (a tradition that started with my buddy Ang in WA). I remarked to Angel that I was dissatisfied with the paltry amount of mischief in my life. I used to have no problem getting into all kinds of trouble, escapades, adventures. We decided we’d bike around a nearby neighborhood when the cast of LOST would be filming and just loiter, watching the goings on. When we tried to park, we were turned away from the entrance to the parking area. When we asked what was going on, we were told that LOST was filming! How crazy! Mischief came to us! So I realized something important. One can’t go looking for mischief, you just have to be open to it when it seeks you out. We talked to some of the crew, learned they were filming the 6th episode in season 3, saw one of the actresses (Kate) reviewing her lines…all very interesting. Lots of trucks around. Big booms, lights, and cages. (The ones that were shown last night.) I don’t follow the show at all, but it was exciting to see the location. The hike was great. We even ran into a woman who is taking a photography class with one of Angel’s friends. They are in the same class! How strange! So this lady (Emily) took our picture and showed it to Angel’s friend Amy at class tonight. That was only 2 degrees of separation! Sam had a great time hiking, and enjoyed telling the “story” of the waterfall to Daddy. I will have to video him telling stories. He is very vivid in his gesturing. Here is a picture of him helping me at the market yesterday, and dragging his huge satchel of diapers into his room.

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  1. Alden 7 October, 2006

    Sounds great and it brings back memories. That is a fun “mud hike” meaning that you usually need to be prepared to get muddy. It isn’t too bad there though. There are many others where hiking in slippers (flip-flops) is a risk because the deep mud will just suck them off your feet as you lift your foot out! A bit embarrasing to explain why you returned home with only one slipper.

    BTW it’s funny that you said Manoa is on the Leeward side of the island. I don’t think that locals would agree. Though technically Manoa is on the leeward side of the Koolau mountains, the Leeward side is usually thought of as the leeward side of the Waianae mountains, which are themselves on the leeward side of the Koolaus. Manoa is….well just Manoa.

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