Open skate after practice

Just thought you’d enjoy seeing the fun we all have after practice when there is open skate (no Warriors game). It makes for a late night getting home, but we all have a great time.

Dahlia bloomed in the garden! Big one!

Dahlia bloomed in the garden! Big one!


  1. Gramma 11 October, 2014

    Right as that “little” kid took off at the front end of the video, I was darn sure it was Ben, but my brain kept saying, “But he’s only 6 and I’ve never seen him on ice skates!” He’s a terror on those blades!! Obviously he’s loving it!!! I especially loved the knee skid all the way back to the camera, and the flawless jump back up on his blades.

  2. Allison Krug 11 October, 2014

    And that was Sam in the blue breezers who was spinning and spinning!

  3. Nana & Pop Pop 12 October, 2014

    So very cool!! Keep up the great skate, Sam & Ben…..we are so proud of you both!

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