oh no! I lost my tail!


Sammy and I went shopping for games to play at the Big Brother party today. We got a nerf football, some mini golf stuff, bubble blowing stuff (a must here) and also grabbed a noodle on the way out. I had no idea what we’d do with it but felt that for $1.49 it was worth a gamble. We ended up having more fun with that than the $40 of other stuff we bought! See what Sam did? He actually walks and trots quite well like that! So well, in fact, that I decided (against that little voice of better judgement that I rarely listen to) that he could walk across the street with his tail on. See the crosswalk? We’re on the Marine Corps Base. It’s a busy day, around lunchtime. So we start crossing the street. I smile at a guy thinking he must be smiling back, right? Thinking what a nice mommy? They’re having so much fun! And then disaster struck! Sam lost his tail! As if that wasn’t bad enough, it was windy. That noodle TOOK OFF! It went flying down the middle of the road as Sam and I stood there, still in the middle of the road ourselves, whimpering and watching. Oh yeah, there’s Ben in the stroller and me with my arms full of bags of other toys. It was a mess. A real mess! 6 or 7 cars were backed up in both directions. Finally a Marine got out of his Jeep and chased the noodle down. By then I’d decided to clear out of the street thinking I’d park my boys and chase that noodle myself. The Marine came running up with it and I feebly said “he was walking just fine with it until we got to the street! sorry!”  

That noodle was so much fun we went back and bought two more. We had “pirate fun” in the back yard that day, and then for the party at the beach park the boys had a kick beating each other and pretending to have sword fights. I loved finally getting my hands on one and chasing the other parents around! Dave really (REALLY) liked wailing on me with that noodle. Wait ’til I upload the video. You should see his face! He took off after me with two noodles!

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