Muddin’ 101

Checking out the "paint job"!

Checking out the "paint job"!


Nice spray to the top of Ben's window!

Nice spray to the top of Ben's window!

 Our original plan was to go to the Bishop Museum, but Ben was still recovering from our all-out Maui trip (as am I!) and we ran out of time due to a loooong nap (during which I caught up on some work). Sooo…what is one to do? Sam LOVES the volcano exhibit at the Bishop Museum, so we had to come up with something equally compelling. Hmm…what else starts with M? Muddin’! We took the truck on some tank trail which shall remain classified lest I get in trouble with the husband of my good friend, who happens to be an MP… Anyway…we got some good spray! I think  that a “paint job” that hits the top of the window is not bad for one’s first outing, right? I should remember to close all the windows, though…The boys loved it. I sent Dave a cell phone picture so he could be prepared to embrace and endorse the mischief by the time he got home. The Marines on base say the Xterra is a fantastic muddin’ machine, so I want to take it out more and see what it can do. Funny thing is, I’m dressed in a skirt and cute top – rather odd for me, but seemed to juxtapose nicely with the muddy truck, dontcha think? Amy Liss – please comment here on your experiences muddin’ with the kiddos. Does one use 4 wd or do you just gun it and hope for the best? What if you get stuck? I figure I need to make friends with a tank driver pretty quick…


  1. Gramma 4 June, 2009

    You are riot and a “holy terror”!!!!!

  2. amy 5 June, 2009

    Yeah!!!!!! Looks like you mudding side trip was tons of fun! Looks like the boys enjoyed it!

  3. Gramma 6 June, 2009

    I keep looking at this picture of little Benji. A face filled with the trusting delight of life! I love you and your boys!!! Can’t get enough of you!!!!!

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