makai day


We enjoyed a day on the water with Mom and Richard on Sunday – “makai” in our rotation from ocean to mountain (“mauka”). We think that’s the best way to enjoy all the outdoors has to offer here ­čÖé Above is Dave stand-up paddling at Ala Moana Beach Park. Mom stood up and paddled, too!!!I’ve been eyeing a paddleboard for over a year now – I tried it when I was 8 months pregnant and fell in love with the sport despite really bumpy conditions and a different center of gravity. So I saved up and we went over to the park to test out a board we found on Craigslist. This fun was a brief respite from the plague that has descended upon us. We want to have a little chat with the parents who thought sending a sick child to preschool really made sense…some kid spread pestilence that has now affected all of us for 14 days. On top of a good upper respiratory illness that’s dragged on for over 10 days, including a good cough, poor Sam had a stomach bug last night. Ben has the same├é┬áhead cold and cough, and is a cranky little guy.├é┬áHe is still being a good sleeper at night, though. Dave and I are barely holding our own, with sore throats and sniffles threatening to keep us down. But we’re fighters, man!

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  1. Gramma Oli 12 November, 2008

    Yes, you are fighters, and now that I’ve been here (Kailua) a couple of weeks, I’m fighting too — because I can’t stand to be so close to my “kids” and not be able to see them!

    PS — I also stood up on the paddleboard for my first time!!

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