Mahalo – The Sam and Ben Show

Thank you to everyone who sent us fun presents and wonderful clothes! I hope you enjoy this uncut video of Sam and Ben performing a series of thank-you episodes. They were so funny, but you know what was funniest was watching them watch themselves! Squeals of laughter as we all huddled around my little camera to replay the video (before it made its way onto the computer, and now finally onto the web). It’s 8 minutes… I thought you might enjoy seeing the boys vs getting a card or email as I have not been good about posting video lately! We love you! Click here: 2010-feb-mahalo-the-sam-and-ben-show


  1. Gramma Oli 4 February, 2010

    Even though I see a Sam and Ben show almost every day, this one takes the cake — birthday cake, I guess! What a long, hysterical movie which had me grinnng the whole time. I didn’t want it to end. Thank you so much for posting the whole thing!!

  2. alli 5 February, 2010

    Yeah – you get everything on this, brotherly love, screeching like a pterosaur (Ben), coughing, drooling, laughing, smiling, fooling around like two stooges…I pictured speeding everything up and turning into a black/white but then you’d lose all the laughing that went with it! I just wish someone else was videoing us when the boys came over after each “shoot” to see themselves and squealed in laughter!

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