legend of naupaka

<em>Naupaka kahakai</em>

Naupaka kahakai

I’ve been meaning to post this plant and legend for some time so I don’t forget when we move away…this is Naupaka kahakai (naupaka by the ocean). The well-known legend associated with this plant is that the half-circle of petals represents lovers separated: Kai (ocean) and Hiwa (entirely black). Frustrated by having to meet in secret,¬†Hiwa split the flower in half and gave it to Kai before she ran to the mountains. There are two variations of this endemic plant – Naupaka kuahiwi and Naupaka kahakai. The beach naupaka grows so well in dry, sandy soil in unrelenting sun. It’s a very hardy plant, and I’m hoping we will grow some when we landscape our little front garden.

Naupaka - boy edition

Naupaka - boy edition

Both these pictures were taken while out on a jog this morning. Here are my two boys, separated by a stroller divider but finding a way tease each other anyway!

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