lava, steam vents, craters, crisp air, stars, and lots of fun!

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Mom treated Sam and me to a Big Island adventure! We just got back today after 4 days exploring Kilauea. Who could guess that lava could be so fascinating? We had a great time, got lots of exercise hiking all over (and working up a big appetite for buffet dinners at the Kilauea Military Camp!), and made sure we spent some time relaxing, too (I even read a magazine cover to cover!). Sam was such a great traveler – he settled right into his new cottage and was even a bit sad to leave it this morning. He had a playground to romp in just 50 yards from our door, lots of grassy hills to run up and down, and was content with 5 books and a few matchbox toys for entertainment when we were home. It was pretty chilly – exactly what I needed! I got more than I bargained for, though – I had to borrow a space heater from the staff for Sam’s room since even dressing him in layers topped by fleece didn’t keep him warm enough the first night! Single wall construction wasn’t meant for low 40’s weather! The star gazing was incredible up there – we had cool, clear nights and warm days. We saved much to look forward to on our next trip, hopefully with Dave. We highly recommend the KMC – great time, and pictures will be posted this weekend! (I still have a birthday camping trip expedition to mount on Saturday – only one day to turn this adventure around, make a lava cake, and pack up all the gear! whew!!!).


  1. grammaOli 25 January, 2007

    Alli, I had so much fun on this trip — when you were 2, it NEVER occurred to me I might be taking you on trips when you were 30-something!! How very lucky I am!! Thank you to Dave for letting you go.

    Sammy is PURE PLEASURE, too! He is scrumptious!

    Oh, and you better fess up to the car door episodes!! 🙂

    Love you huge,

  2. Teeemofeee 27 January, 2007


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