lattes take a long time, daddy


Here is Sammy in his backyard coffee shop. It is open on Friday afternoons. He makes us wonderful “lattes” (see the post on “I did a miracle” where he turns water into coffee for more fun). It was so funny when Dave came home and ordered his latte – ours were done in minutes but Dave had to keep waiting and waiting and waiting for his! Sammy finally replied that “lattes take a long time, daddy!”

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  1. Gramma (Oli) 28 June, 2008

    The latte shop was open today, so I ordered one. When I asked how much I owe, he said “thirty seconds, gramma!” The price went up dramatically with the second one . . . to “thirty dollars!” This is a serious business endeavor — he frequently runs across the lawn to the garage (market) to re-supply with coffee, whipping cream, and occasionally a new “coffee pot”. He is a generous and detailed shop owner. I love this little man so much!

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