Kuli’ou’ou Ridge trail was great!


Sammy and I really enjoyed our hike this morning. We went up the Kuli’ou’ou Ridge trail about an hour behind the Sierra Club. I’d hoped to join them but we got a late start since our little buddy had a rough night coughing all night. It was nice to know tons of people were on the trail, but we didn’t necessarily have to hike right with them. We got a little solitude and occasional company. The trail to the ridge was about 1000′ elev gain, shaded and beautiful. (No treacherous parts!) I loved the ironwood stands at the top. Sam hiked a good ways up and enjoyed hauling me down the trail after his PB&J. His new hiking boots worked great and he had a good time despite being pretty knocked out by his cold. Next time (when Dave can join us) we’ll continue on to the summit for great views of the windward side. I just enjoyed finding a hike that satisfies all of my requirements for a great hike: good climb, steep (so you get good bang for your buck and don’t have to be out all day), shaded, views, and far enough away to enjoy a latte on the way to the trailhead 🙂 We enjoyed a plate lunch at Keneke’s in Waimanalo on the way back – Gramma met us there for this amazing food! Sam loved his pineapple, banana and coconut shave ice. This is a great local place. Such good food and the owner is a Christian – the inside of the seating area is plastered with scripture verses. Sorta like going to church, right? It was Sunday, after all. (We skipped out due to the bad cough.)

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  1. Molly Pendlebury 17 January, 2007

    What fun!! I would have loved to have been on the trail with you. I’ve been craving a plate lunch from “L&L’s Drive-in” since I left Hawaii back in 2004. The picture of Sam hiking the trail is priceless to me. I can’t believe how big he’s getting!! Ok, ok I guess I can believe it. I’m totally in love with every phase Gwen has gone through, never want it to end, never want her to get any bigger, but then, I love every phase so the ones coming are very exciting to me. :o)

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