My friend Christina and her daughter, Sarah, took the adventurers to Kukaniloko today – the “Birthing Stones” where ali’i were born. Some of the rocks had petroglyphs visible on them, and one or two were obviously used to mark the passage of time with grooves worn around the edges to cast shadows into a concentric circle. It’s a beautiful place high on the plains of central O’ahu, between the Wainae and Ko’olau ranges (ancient volcanic rims). The soil is red and fertile, a good place to grow coffee and pineapples. And apparently a good place to be born. The spirit of youth continues to hold a strong presence here – our children felt at home here immediately and enjoyed a spirited game of hide-n-seek, as well as “treetertotter” – a tree they turned into a horse for a time, then a natural teeter totter. Thank you for a lovely morning, Christina!!! 

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