Kualoa Ranch hike

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Sammy and I went on a hike yesterday with a neat group called the Solemates – an informal off-shoot of the Hawaii Trail and Mountain Club. There were about 60 hikers, most of whom were older than us. It was great to see all the healthy, fit folks out on the trail! The day was extremely hot with no trade winds, and the planned hike was 7 miles, some of it through very overgrown areas on the side of a hill (tough to see your feet!). Sammy and I did 4 miles, and by that time I was very hot and dehydrated. I carry 2L of water, but on a hike like this, carrying 50+ lbs, that’s not enough. Usually I do about 4 miles and 1000′ elev gain in 2-3 hrs, but at the group’s pace we would likely take about 6 hrs to do this despite only about 600′ elev gain. So we decided to bail at the first chance we got and lucky for us we were able to hitch a ride with a Jeep back down to the trailhead…that was fun! It’s interesting to learn my limitations – in cooler weather and at a faster pace, this would have been a very doable hike. I just can’t cool off here! We stood in every scrap of shade we could find when the group stopped. Sam enjoyed the hike very much and was a great little pack buddy. He also enjoyed seeing an ostrich and donkey!


  1. great gramma or g.g.ntm401@ 28 December, 2006

    hi allie, thank you for all the pix..really enjoyed seeing them!!do you ever rest?? i don,t think you,ll be able to carry sammy too much longer!! he,s getting to be a big boy!!! it was so great to see dan !!! he looks great! when i get some pix developed i,ll send them by snail mail..have a happy and healthy new year!!!love to all, g.g.

  2. grammaOli 28 December, 2006

    You bet your sweet bipee it was hot on your hike day. I like the reference to “every scrap of shade” because that’s where I headed too, even though I wasn’t on a hike.

    Today (Dec. 28) was a nifty change — up til now, if it rains, it seems to rain at night, but today it rained all night and of and on during the day. Very nice — made for a comfy, homey time.

    Your hike pics are fun!

  3. Timmmmmmmmy 31 December, 2006

    Some Army family imported a funny jeep lookin thing called a Pinzgauer. I think they live on Wheeler Army Air Field. Just so you know. It looks just like the thang you took up at Kooaloa Ranch but smaller. Just so you know.

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