Kaiwa Ridge trail report

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This hike is also commonly referred to as the “Pillbox” or “Keolu hills” hike. Na Ala Hele provides a complete trail description. We wanted to check out the entire length of the trail with our friends Nate, Laurie and daughter Cate, so we hiked past the second pillbox and came down at the far end of Lanikai. Total hike probably 3+ miles, ~700’ total elevation gain. It was a great hike until the final descent which was steep, muddy, loose footing, narrow with lots of thorny overgrowth, a few cacti and a centipede lurking in the weeds. Needless to say I wasn’t a big fan of that part with Sam on my back. The rest of the hike was really great and one even Sam could do much of (along the ridge). I’ll likely do an out-and-back next time which should give me the 4mi/1000′ elev I’m looking for in a nearby, beautiful hike 🙂 Sam and I miss our Green Mt hikes in WA! But maybe this can be a good substitute.

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  1. Timmy 7 January, 2007

    That is a fun hike fer sher. Glad to hear you made it back alive. I like the picture of you and Sammy with the Moke in the back ground. Did you try the trail off the Pali yet? Not the Pali Lookout but the one where they have the “rest stop” on the Kailua side. You can access it from the Pali Look Out or just stop off hike off into the woods. I heard it’s good for mountain biking and goes all the way over to Waimanalo side… brah.

    Hey Timmy – yeah, I love the Maunawili Demonstration Trail! We did it a couple times, the second outing was down the Maunawili Ridge to the falls. Gorgeous views!

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