Holiday festivities

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We love the holiday season as a time to celebrate friendship and family. And of course it’s a good excuse to have parties and BONFIRES! I thought I should take a second to post two parties coming up. It’s kind-of funny – I was only planning one big fest – the bonfire on the left – but people got confused and thought it was for Thanksgiving, so I reserved a pavilion at the beach park and we’re now having a wonderful Thanksgiving with probably 30 people! The holiday “opening ceremonies” (the bonfire) is at Bellows on Sunday the 23rd. We’re asking that people bring pupus (appetizers) and we’ll supply the wine and wood. On Thanksgiving, we’ll have Bird on the Beach (known as BOB by those who joined us in Coronado and Washington state - Neil, Tres/Jenni, Alan/Lori and kids, Doug and Mary, Gail and Bill, Steve, Tim and Dan, Uncle Tom…Mom, of course!). We’re taking care of the bird and the pig (kalua pig, that is) and our friends will bring their favorite side to share. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens! What if we get 12 pans of green beans? That would be so funny!

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  1. gramma Oli 20 November, 2008

    What if you get 12 desserts? Yum!!!

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