Full moon from Kailua Beach.
Full moon from Kailua Beach.

We took a quick ride over to Kailua Beach to see the full moon tonight. Ben LOVES the moon and always points to it saying “bbbbooon!” (Make your lips go sort-of “bbrrrr” when you say it, like you’re cold.) Tried to take a video of him saying it over and over again, pointing the whole time, but there was no light for video. This is a long-exposure shot taken with camera resting on sand. I enjoyed talking to our friends Tres and Jenni in Italy (Sicily) this morning – they are 12 hours ahead. Sam and I got to see them via Skype! Very exciting. Tres is in the Navy and travels around helping to hunt pirates. (Dave says it’s ok to mention this because everyone knows the Navy is hunting pirates.) Dave also thinks it’s pretty funny that I got to talk to them while he was napping late this morning because his sleep was vexed by the Stennis last night (he was up from midnight to 3:30am taking calls). Tres and Dave were on the Stennis together. We’re looking forward to seeing them soon…you can see what they’re up to at www.tresandjj.com. Jenni is a sweetheart who loves to do triathlons and bike all over Italy in search of a good cuppa coffee. Would love to ride with her!!! We’ve known them since Coronado days and have roped them into more than a few Thanksgiving adventures 🙂 They are so much fun and always game!!!

Earlier this afternoon we took the boys to the Bishop Museum so Sam could finally show Dave all around the volcano in the Science Center, complete with magma and gas coming out of the top, and a lava tube slide. Very cool. Cross your fingers Dave gets decent sleep tonight because tomorrow he has to…you guessed it…go into work, and do schoolwork. That means the boys and I can get into mischief… Aloha to all and to all a good night.


  1. Gramma 7 June, 2009

    Such a fun message! Tres and Jenny are great fun and carry it with them wherever they go. Sure am glad the Navy has chosen Tres to be among the pirate hunters. You GO Tres!! Of all things — the Stennis is causing Davey to lose sleep — again!!

  2. Gramma 7 June, 2009

    That’s a very good shot from your little camera!! ^5 Alli!!!

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