Hobbits on a hike


Sam, Laurie and I went on a hike today and braved the windy, wet weather. We enjoyed a quick trot up our local “pillbox” trail and Sammy did a good job hiking along the ridge, even when it got really wet. Thanks, Laurie, for spotting him with me as we climbed up that steep bit! We ran into a lady and two 6 yr old girls along the way. The girls were funny – they told us they were already on their third snack stop just 30 min into the hike! We compared notes on the trail and when the mom wondered about getting back down when it was slicker (she saw I had trekking poles) I suggested a good butt slide 🙂 We made it down on our feet, but it was a bit slippery!

Among other really compelling topics, I mentioned one day I’d love to be able to spit a good loogie. Laurie’s face was so funny when she said, “OK, that’s not on MY life list!” So of course I asked what was…”Be on The Price is Right!” She is too funny. That’s only because she’s accomplished so many other things – wife, mother, two bachelor’s degrees. So what’s left for her to do? I know you’re impressed with my aspirations now. But having the skill to form a really tight spit wad that travels far and doesn’t get you messy while running and spitting into 30knot headwinds is really something. I would like to be able to do that, and certainly need to be able to show Sam how…

Just like a hobbit, Sammy fully embraces the idea of first snack and second snack. By the time we got back to the truck, he’d spied another Sweet and Salty Nut trail bar in my pack and I decided to let him have it since he was a trooper about hiking even with a little cold. Hey – whatever keeps it all fun! Plus, there was some golf to watch (we parked next to the 18th hole of a local country club). We soon heard lots of hooting and laughing from the dense hillside. I figured it’d be fun to hang out and see who emerged…it was the mom and two girls! Their little pink pants had tell-tale signs of their glissade down the last stretch of eroded trail. We enjoyed a good laugh about how it’s cool to be dirty 🙂


  1. Timmy 11 January, 2007

    I can honestly say you have missed out in the hocking a loogie side of life, let me tell you. It’s fun aaaaand entertaining!!! I have actually been complimented on spitting ablility once or twice but mostly it disgusts anyone that has known me for any amount of time. It’s kinda like being behind a cannon. Ever heard of the guys who pop off cannons in the Army? You can actually see the projectile fly away. Low velocity cannons like ole Civil War cannos are better for doing this, I think. Anyway, I just do it for the entertainment value and to get the gunk out of my throat. My favorite thing is when its freezing out and spit on a chain link fence and it freezes and stays there for days on end that way you can monitor the progress as the days go on. Aaaaah, nothing like a miss spent youth to reminice about. AAAAh.

    Hope that give some in sight.

  2. great gramma or g.g.ntm401@ 12 January, 2007


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