hiya g.g.! and pre-move weekend adventures

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Green Mt hike movie good mornin’, great grandma! hello from WA 🙂 sammy, mom, pete and i had a great day today and i know you’re up checking out the site seeing what adventures are afoot 🙂 we went for a hike on saturday up green mt – a hike i’ve done at least 20 times with friends but have been wanting to do with mom for ages. mom and pete did great – despite not hiking at all in a long time, they went right up, enjoyed views of seattle and the space needle, had some snacks and then trotted down. sammy hiked a good ways on his own, too, and even tried using my telescoping trekking pole 🙂 i have pictures i’ll post when i can. then we went out to dinner at the silver city brewery – somehow we got a table outside on a sat night without any wait! wow. we had a great time. THEN we went home, put sammy to bed (serenaded by neighbors having a chainsaw party cutting down trees) and jumped in the hot tub with drinks, thanks to pete and this crazy negrono (?) drink he made (I can hardly type). i’m staying in their “carriage house” which pete completely finished – i’m their first guest! their place is so relaxing – beautiful view of the olympic mtns, expansive deck, caff gets to roam around on a long line, sammy gets to roll down grassy hills and play chase…it’s idyllic. dave will be joining me this week sometime. this is totally relaxing – the most relaxing time i’ve had in a couple years i think! i’m supposed to be stressed out, the movers come on monday, we are homeless for two weeks then move into a temp home and look for a place to buy, all the while hoping dave’s final board on monday goes ok. but actually i’m having the time of my life 🙂 hee hee…i can get used to this gramma-as-nanny thang! any other gramma’s out there who want to come live in hawaii? molly, how about i loan your mom for a bit? we’re going to have dinner with all our friends on friday before we fly out at the ungodly hour of 4:30am sat morning. i am so looking forward to it. our friend graham is playing wih his band so we’ll catch his gig as well. that’s it for now. stay tuned for move pictures…there are some funny ones waiting to be posted 🙂


  1. alli 16 July, 2006

    so it’s morning now, and i’m editing the above entry with a clear head 🙂 it’s negronI (with an “i”), and i would like to “borrow” (not loan) molly’s mom 🙂

  2. great gramma or g.g.ntm401@ 16 July, 2006

    wow! pete’s place sounds like heaven!! especially the hot tub! we just bid tim and dan adieu.. they leave for ireland at ten o’clock tonight..lucky ducks!! we had a great dinner that di made. bill and gail took them to jfk. the weather has been beastly today and more to come in the rest of the week. i went to 10 a.m. mass this morning and said special prayers for dave’s test. love,xxx,great gram

  3. Gail 19 July, 2006

    Got an email from Tim, they have arrived and are in County Cork. He thinks it’s cool… free internet and so far loves the old buildings.

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