Gramma and Richard arrive!


Here’s their awesome new coach! The chickens were in awe!


Gramma got caught on the chicken mesh around the planters while we were trying to get the naughty hen OUT of the planter box! Richard ran to get scissors to free her button but Ben managed to get her free first 🙂


Then off to Hammy’s for dinner. While we waited, Sam worked on lowering his 3×3 times – he’s approaching world class elite solving pace! He takes cubes with him everywhere. So cool to watch him focus and his fingers are a blur!


Hockey game this morning! The teams both played really well and it was a close game.  Sam got his third hat trick of the season. I’m sitting now at an Arduino circuit board workshop checking It out. I was floating around learning and mentoring as best I could. Needed a quick break! Ben is reading Through the Looking Glass – finished Alice in Wonderland yesterday. He says the Queen of Hearts is kinda strict.  :-X

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  1. Gramma 11 July, 2015

    Did you see the guests sitting behind you, Alli! 3 women.– a couple in their 20s and one maybe 40s. Their eyes “bugged” when they saw Sam cubing, and when he went to the counter to pick up food, they kept looking over the array of cubes he’d brought, and the timer cubers use! They’d murmur about something, and keep looking over!

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