God Bless My Mom!

It’s extreme bathroom remodel, holiday edition at Kamp Krug. Our master bath was always a pit – the previous owners painted and put some trim up to disguise the ridiculous toilet and shower. They really were master stagers. They made $250K on the house (doubled their investment in about 5 yrs) and didn’t do much more than paint to sell to us. We’re paying the price. Last holiday we remodeled the kitchen before Ben arrived. This year we’re remodeling the bathroom – the last big dig – before family arrives for the holidays. We didn’t plan to do it this soon, but the drain clogged and the right guys came along with a hole in their schedule…so away we go! From zero to zoom within 12 hrs! Dave sourced everything in about 5 hours of running around yesterday. I gave him my vision – spacious and spa-like on a budget – and he ran with it beautifully. But the real hero is my mom…the boys are napping at her place as I (try to) focus on my work while project managing the bathroom, sourcing turkeys for Thanksgiving at the beac with an unknown number of attendees (20-30? am I the turkey here?!), bonfires, a machete for carving up sticks to do coconut cracking, buying watermelons for a crazy baby shower game tomorrow night…whew! My head is seriously spinning.  

Thank you, mom, for being my lifeline this week! You can spoil them a wee bit today if you like! Lots of love…me


  1. Gramma Oli 20 November, 2008

    Alli, if a “hero” can also be a gramma, and be fit enough and in the right place at the right time, then I’m a winner!! Thank you for having 2 very special boys and for sharing them. B-dub (Benjamin William) woke up in 45 mins and is playing on the floor while SamPants continues to sleep despite raucous sounds from B-dub! You’ve done a masterful job.

  2. Gramma Oli 20 November, 2008

    About today’s blog, I forgot to say — thank you!!! I love you HUGE!

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