waist-deep snow and other fun

sam’s weekend video (17MB)


it was GORGEOUS here this weekend! it was about 70 yesterday and felt like 80 today, no clouds…so we had a little wanderlust and went up to Hurricane Ridge for some snow play yesterday then out to Ft. Flagler today to check out the camping options. Great views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Whidbey, Port Townsend, the Cascades and Olympics. Here is a movie of what little time we spent at home. 15 months The videos are “uncut” by request from Tita Bear, who wants to see everything he does with his day. She was horrified to hear that I often cut rather uninteresting things out in the interest of space and viewer time. This footage, however, was too funny to cut any of it! The rest of the weekend pictures are still being declassified :0 by our photojournalist, Angela. They will be posted soon, perhaps accompanied by stories of almost running out of gas at 8000′ (we can always coast down!), dogs riding in trunks and other bizarre events.

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  1. Tita Bear & Tito Pig 24 April, 2006

    You ae the cutest little pantalones in the world!!
    tito P-I-G are so proud of you, you are so smart and sweet that we can barely wait to see you in a month or so!!
    you dont even seem like you ever cry my little pants – you are such a good boy! your videos are like little treasures for us…we really wish we lived a lot closer to you, i would be visiting you every weekend! lov you!!!
    your obsessed aunt & uncle

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