froggie has…

sam has been doing some funny things since daddy left for sea a few days ago…he’s responding to “say ‘mama'” and “say ‘dada'”! so exciting 🙂 he’s also having fun with his froggie squeak toy…froggie has…when he’s getting ready for bed, he plays with froggie on his belly. last night, he squeezed froggie right next to his skin. froggie made a funny sound (think farts!) and the air rushing out tickled sam on his belly. what a reaction as he made the connection! he thinks it’s so funny, and of course we have to exclaim “froggie has FARTS!” and giggle.


  1. Tita Bear & Tito Pig 12 April, 2006

    funny thing, but i think tito pig reacts to farties the same way! the description of froggie and sammy going to bed, might need to be filmed!! this is just too precious!!
    lov to you guys!! big kiss for my little man!!!

  2. alli 12 April, 2006

    you’re right – it must be caught on film! thanks for posting! too fun! lov, alli 🙂

  3. Gramma 13 April, 2006

    That video is too tooo tooooo cute! And that’s not easy to have him on the downstairs changing table while videoing the little monkey!

    btw, Pete poked my nose tonight and got a froggie snort!

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