First run!

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We went for our first run today – I had to wait 4 weeks after delivery. I really wasn’t able to run until now – I tried a couple times but my joints and ligaments were still not strong enough. I felt great and took it really slow. My lungs and will far outpaced my muscles, though. I’m carrying 20 extra pounds and it’s been 5 months since I quit jogging. So regaining my legs will take some time, but it felt good anyway! In the picture on the right you can see Sam running. He insisted on running from our home and it took some negotiating to get him to ride. I didn’t want to squelch his desire to be working out, so we ran for over half a mile. When he started walking more than running, I offered “run or ride?” After a couple queries he chose to ride, thankfully – I was so eager to run! We surprised mom at her cottage then went to Kalapawai for muffins and lattes. We found a cute little inchworm and brought him home in a coffee cup. Mom fed him, then when we had lunch and went to look for the little guy he’d escaped somehow! So an inchworm is loose in our house, and a gecko egg is sitting by my phone. Dave must really wonder… Today was also my work day so mom spent all day over here alternating between playing with Sam and teaching him more songs, to trying to get Ben to sleep. What a day. He finally took a nap around 3pm for maybe an hour or so. I am wiped out. Tonight Dave collected on his Father’s Day present and got a massage…he offered it to me but really it wouldn’t even begin to make a dent in the sore muscles from sitting up late at night nursing, rocking, lifting, burping, pushing the stroller, doing chores one-handed… Some day. Maybe in 6 months or so. That’s how long it took me to get Sam on a schedule during the day…and I was a novice. I’m hoping to get there more smoothly with Ben.


  1. Gramma (Oli) 18 June, 2008

    WOW! Sam has great running form! Wonder where he got it??

    It was uplifting to have you show up at my cottage, knowing this was your first “run day” and how good you’d feel about it. Today was another wonderful day of successfully taming the typical household which tries hard to find a mom’s vulnerabilities, and fails. You’re a pro, Alli!

    Love you!!
    Yer mom

  2. Rebecca 21 June, 2008

    Hey girl. I am goint to use you for my motivation tomorrow on my run. After 10 miles I sooo want to stop some days and I dont even have to push any one but myself. Just me the ipod and the sweltering sun these days. I sent Nick your way this morning so, take care of my sweetee for me and you all have fun. 🙂 Wish I were there…. 🙂

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