a real firetruck!

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i went down to base today so i could swap cars and get my zippy little GTI back. sam and i have a couple road trips in mind while dave’s at sea… so my friend christine helped me swap the car seat into the GTI, which has LATCH and is supposed to be really easy. well that’s if you’ve done it before OR read the manual. i had done neither, but the base fire dept was right around the corner, so we decided to stop by. luckily, a guy named Shelby with 6 kids was there and hooked us right up! in the meantime, sam really enjoyed seeing a fire truck up close. he has a little push toy that he LOVES, so the big thing was a real treat! one of the guys pulled it out for him and i snapped a couple shots. we enjoyed the ride home with the sunroof open. he likes the GTI because he can climb out of it on his own and shut the door for mommy.

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