Enjoy this Sam creation – I especially loved the captions. He was doing faces while texting with a friend on the way home from Portland yesterday (hockey tournament) and must have enjoyed it enough to start this on a Google docs file. I sneaked in and snipped it to share 🙂 He knows I did, don’t worry!


  1. I LOVE this! he is way ahead of me on finding ways to depict faces (or other things) using digital annotations and one letter — J. I’m enjoying his descriptions of each one, and I’m going right back to study this some more. 🙂

    O O
    o J o
    gramma grinning!

  2. This is the sort of thing that makes me think of my friend Molly Pendlebury – she’d be laughing her arse off right now!
    Molly – I miss ya!

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