Took the boys on a nice bike ride since we don’t have hockey this weekend. Just one more week – happy and sad about the end of the season. I think we’re all a little more worn out than we realize and the fridge is bare. But…I still love spending time on the ice. Five of us skated last night. Felt so good to skate hard and clear my end-of-season cold from my lungs! We didn’t get home until 10pm. Slept hard and enjoyed having a buddy over for Sam. Nice start to the weekend. Boys are playing cards while I make some gifts for the hockey team end of season party. Gotta get back to it! Dave is working on his last school paper of the term…


Telling the boys a story about bike-camping on a 1000km trip around Denmark 20 yrs ago during March. The weather was exactly like this - very windy. Imagine drying towels out in this weather? We woke up to find them frozen in the shape they hung from the tent poles. The tents weren't lightweight like backpacking tents today. And my mountain bike had broken so I was using a three speed tourist bike I rented from the train station. Soon the granny gear on that failed so I got quite a workout! But it was a lot of fun.


Sam loves to have his picture taken! Especially with me - ha!



A little treat from the Jiffy. Fun time with the guys. We also enjoyed stopping for food in very small towns, eating bike-side. Imagine biking along a pasture with no fence and a herd of horses or cows stomps across the road right in front of you? The boys liked thinking about that-no "life-controller" parent to fence them in and make them do homework or go to bed. 😉


  1. Gramma 13 March, 2016

    I love hearing you telling the stories of that Denmark bike ride. Back then I got to hear you on overseas calls which were a “big thing” at the time! Nice memories.

  2. Marilou 13 March, 2016

    Wow 20+ years ago already! It hardly seems possible. My whole lifetime ago. Glad the boys can sharing your memories

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