Dear Ben,


You are 6 months old now! You are almost a little boy and time is flying faster than I could have imagined. Look at your little abs in this picture. And your serious little face. And those heart-shaped lips! We were having a pirate day. You enjoyed getting dressed up just like Sam, and were even saying AAARGH! I chose this picture because your Aunt Mary (your Godmother!) loved it and sent it to all your East-coast fans.

You’re up on all fours now, rocking back and forth and just about ready to crawl. You roll readily front to back and now back to front. In fact you do it all the time and are especially difficult to change a diaper compared to Sam. This past month you started saying ga ga ga and ba ba ba. I will have to listen carefully to pick up your other sounds, but you talk a lot. I am already tuning out 🙂 Just kidding! You do growl and grumble and grunt quite a bit. Even Gramma notices that. You’re really enjoying being in the same room with Sam and  your bedtime routines are blending into one and the same now. Last night, on your six-month birthday, I was out at April Manson’s baby shower (for twins, babies 8 and 9!) and Daddy did your routine. Sam even read you a book! Daddy told me you liked that quite a bit. You and Sam enjoyed time at Gramma’s cottage this past week since we’re remodeling the bathroom. It’s been a little crazy around here! Some stats:

20lbs, 28″

Sleeping 8pm-7am, napping 9am (or around there!) and 1pm-3pm (with a wake-up 45 min into the nap then usually back to sleep for a longer chunk of time)

Eating solids – likes my food, not baby food. Loves the sweets!

So, Ben, I love you dearly. Sam was my first baby and taught me all I know about being a mom. You will refine my understanding with your differences. You are a handsome and funny baby. I love listening to your laugh. I cherish those moments when I stop moving at such a fast pace – when I take little snitches of time throughout the day to gaze into your eyes – to really look at you, then rub noses together and listen to your little chuckle. Your smiles are like candy – I can’t get enough of them!

I love you, Ben.

your mom


  1. Giji 23 November, 2008

    So sweet, I just wanted to check in with you Krugs since I saw Alli & the boys run past. We are missing a Krug event yet again. I trust you all will have a wonderful time today at Bellows. Yay the rain stopped! My girlfriend Sumoha’s last dance performance is today at 2pm, so we will be there. Thanks for the invite… Ben and Sam are soooo big now… you’re doing a great job with your little men. Lovin’ all the smiles… A hui hou ~gg

  2. gramma 24 November, 2008

    Well now. Richard and I are in the car coming back from Honolulu. I just finished reading your message to Ben out loud and we’re both crying. Guess I don’t really need to say anything else, do I!

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