Christmas Day


We were joined via webcam by Dave’s parents – Sammy’s Nana and PopPop! It was really fun to have them sitting in with us and watching Sammy open gifts. I’m sifting through over 100 pictures from this morning alone…but here’s one, above! The Craftsman tools and belt were a big hit. Thanks Daddy! Our traditions seem to take shape a bit more each year. It’s fun to discover them as we go along…here’s where we are with them so far. Thought you’d enjoy visualizing the festivities 🙂

Preparations…Sat before advent starts we get a tree and break out the decorations. Begin celebrations with advent calendar and countdown candle. Read Sammy his Christmas stories and set up his creche.

Christmas Eve…make Christmas cookies for Santa, early pasta dinner, vigil mass, put out cookies and milk for Santa and veggies for the reindeer, then Sammy opens one present before bed. Then the grownups have a Christmas cocktail, finish wrapping presents, and share one present each. Dave chomps the veggies to make them look like the reindeer came through. Chomping is noisy and messy and can be heard from a great distance 🙂 He also splashed water around because they were thirsty. I wanted to feed the reindeer some fennel but Dave wouldn’t give it up so they had to settle for celery 🙂

Christmas Day…coffee while we wait for Sammy to wake up (Dave made lattes!), open presents for a bit, festive breakfast (today it was panettone French toast, could be omelets…you never know Dave says), have a Hickory Farms beefstick on hand for a light lunch snack, nap, then dinner – some hock of meat or fowl (Dave’s words – he’s helping me note these traditions so we don’t forget next year!). Tonight we’re having standing rib roast with Yorkshire pudding. Mom and Pete are joining.

New Year’s…we are thinking breakfast should be whisky porridge (steel cut oatmeal topped with cream, butter, honey and whisky – Scotch or perhaps bourbon). For dinner we’re thinking we’ll do a fish fry with our new kitchen gear (thanks Mom and Pete!).


  1. amy 25 December, 2007

    Loved the single picture! Waiting excitedly for more to come. Tired mommy myself now, so I am off to bed early tonight. Daddy is staying up with baby Josselyn. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Leslie 25 December, 2007

    Enjoy the sleeping in! Our oldest was up wandering around at 5 am! (Chad and I went to bed at midnight after eating our santa’s xmas cookies and milk). I made her get in bed where she waited (not slept) until 6:45 when we told her she could get up. sooooo im a little jealous of you all drinking while you wait for your rugrat to get up!

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