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Fun run with my coaches

Ben during morning romping time. He spent several minutes admiring his hat and how exactly he wanted to wear it this morning. Wanted to capture this time with his hat infatuation because it may not last.

Ben during morning romping time. He spent several minutes admiring his hat and how exactly he wanted to wear it this morning. Wanted to capture this time with his hat infatuation because it may not last.

Ben is now in a big boy bed, as of Sat. He had climbed out of his crib twice, WITH a sleep sack on, appearing at his door in his little sack, baseball cap in hand ready for his day 🙂 He was so cute we hated to end his crib days, but it was time. So he’s in Sam’s toddler bed and adjusted well. The usual tricks getting up but for the most part very well behaved about it. This morning we romped around for a bit, after making yet another round of calls about hopefully the last cooling-related appliance failing (another air conditioner, on top of the fridge, the boys’ A/C and the truck’s A/C). Then we jogged the Lanikai Loop and matched a PR I set in Jan 2009 (wooo hooo!). Then, hit the playground for an hour, and finally off to the commissary, then home and work. Happy Monday!

5K PR – before kids

Just so I don’t have to dig for it…and so Dave doesn’t doubt me 🙂 I’m going for a record next year, see if I can beat myself 10 yrs later. Right now I do a 5K time trial about once a week pushing Ben – around 8′ splits.  

5K  June 2001 21:51, Glens Falls, NY

Marathon day!

A little post-race fun with my fans! Thanks, Mom and Richard!

A little post-race fun with my fans! Thanks, Mom and Richard!

I just woke up from a nap feverish, nauseous, and wishing I had an epidural on board. My hips are very sore, legs sore, even all muscle tone in stomach seems to be gone. BUT I did get what I came for – a time good enough to be my last, should I choose never to do this again (4:44:09, or 10:50 splits). I really found that I missed my buddies incredibly. Running is just going through the motions without them to read to, talk to, make up the weirdest stories, explore new places, look for puffer fish, admire butterflies…etc. I thought of and looked for my gal pals the whole way but unfortunately never saw them, so I’m looking forward to  making a round of calls to see how they fared. From what I gather, even those who did a typical training plan (including 20 mile long runs) were really sore by the 18 mile point, so I guess my “training plan” wasn’t too bad in retrospect. I did start feeling it by about mile 6, though, which is premature, really. The weight distribution running solo vs pushing a stroller is dramatically different. I paid for that difference, and knew I would, so I went out as fast as I comfortably could to get as many miles in the bag as I could while it was dark (cool) and I was in a good mood. As the miles wore on and the pain set in, I just kept thinking “the only way to get through this is get it over with as quickly as possible, nothing else will really help.” Yep! The major bright spot was knowing Mom and Richard were bringing Sam down to the finish. I COULD NOT WAIT to see his little face. Thanks, Mom and Richard, for doing excellent recon so the car was staged only 1/2 mile from the finish and you knew exactly how to get home! NICE! Love you guys!

When I got home and looked up my chip results, I pulled up my last name and up popped two entries: Dave and me. I was suddenly so sad knowing how hard Dave had trained, through all his travel to Tahoe and D.C., weddings and crazy work schedules. In the end he had to abandon his marathon day because duty called. He is such a good sport, but I know how hard it is to know an event is going on without you. I don’t know any other family that trains for a marathon with two kids in a stroller, and two parents jogging alongside together, talking, singing, laughing and fussing as the miles wore on. What a team we all were. My medal is as much for Sam (and Ben, of course, but Sam knows what we were doing) and Dave, for being a good sport about me getting to run for both of us. I called him from mile 21, just because I needed to hear his voice. He had been following my progress and was proud. That was enough fuel to keep me going to the end. Thanks, babe.

And one more tribute, to Uncle Tom. He is my dad’s twin brother and a legend in our family. He is a rock climber, marathoner, competes in the Senior Olympics and is as  unique as they come. I plan to write a book about him for Sam and Ben because I talk about him often when we’re out bouldering or running. And I carry his marathon strategies with me as if they’re my own because I did my first marathon with him and finished so easily, with barely a mark to prove I did it. I have since done three more, at varying speeds and levels of training (including one walk/run at 4 months postpartum) and it’s never failed me. I have never had a blister, even from spending up to 6 1/2 hrs on the course in real heat (an unusually hot LA marathon that I did with Tom). So, Uncle Tom, if you’re reading…you were with me every step of the way. Thanks for showing me the way! I just read that this year is the LA Marathon 25th…oy…feeling the pull to do it with you despite my incredibly sore legs!  Now that’s LOVE!

Uncle Tom’s marathon prep recipe:

  1. Tuff Skin (ideally tincture of merthiolate but couldn’t find that any more) on feet to glue socks to feet to prevent rubbing around and blisters.
  2. Dump a ton of baby powder or Gold Bond powder into shoes to absorb moisture throughout course (to prevent blisters)
  3. Drink two cans of Ensure Plus on the way to the course.
  4. Glide onto areas that may chafe (men, tape nipples up as they may bleed by rubbing on shirt).
  5. Bring Tylenol and Advil with you on course – first aid stations do not hand out drugs.
  6. Don’t use the little zip ties they give you for your chip (lace it into your shoe instead). They break easily and then your chip is gone, preventing you from securing an “official” time and from family/friends being able to follow your progress online.

During the race:

  1. Drink water and Gatorade at every station, whether you want to or not. Electrolytes can slip away so fast once the sun comes up. You don’t want to get loopy on the course and trip or faint after all that work training!
  2. He says don’t run through sprinklers even if they’re offered because it messes up your body’s natural cooling system. Not sure why he feels that way – will need to follow up on this – but hey, he’s done 25 LA Marathons and countless others, so I subscribe either way!
  3. Remember, marathons hurt no matter what. Your level of training and readiness will help determine when the pain sets in, where, and how bad, but everyone hurts doing it.
  4. You can always walk, but it’ll just mean more time to think about how bad you hurt. Might as well jog!
  5. If all else fails, go ahead and walk, release a desire for a certain goal time and focus on finishing. Use the time to meditate, pray, plan (for Christmas, whatever!), name your new business (that’s what I did at mile 16 back in 2005). It’s time to yourself, use it wisely.

After the race:

  1. Tiger Balm on sore areas.
  2. Keep moving.
  3. Drink tons of water to flush lactic acid from system.
  4. Alternate Tylenol and Advil for pain and inflammation.
  5. Vitamin C to promote muscle repair and immune readiness.
  6. Get lots of rest. But keep moving!

Update: excerpt from email exchange with mom this afternoon. This is for me to reflect on in case I think running another one next year seems like a good idea:

Just found more drugs. Had already taken the max Tylenol in 24 hrs by 1pm, only 4hrs after first dose. Can take advil now and alternate. My kidneys may take a hit processing all this lactic acid and drugs…maybe I’ll get a new stone souvenir out of it!

Lanikai loop PR

I can never remember how long the loop is, so for the record it is about 2.31 miles based on If that’s the case, I ran a great time of 19:52 tonight with the boys (8:36 splits). I was really pumped – it felt great to be out there running, despite not hydrating for it. We haven’t been running in probably a week because of camping and etc etc :0 We popped into the playground afterwards and then scooted home to dinner, thanks to Dave. Love you!