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fresh air

A drive down to Halona Blow Hole and Sea Life Park inspired me to capture this last windward islet in watercolor.

A drive down to Halona Blow Hole and Sea Life Park inspired me to capture this last windward islet in watercolor.

Moonrise over Manana.

Moonrise over Manana.

beach walk with my buddies

imgp0332We went on a beach hike today at one of our favorite places. I love the lava shelves here, the tide pools and the olivine sand – it’s green because it contains this mineral from the crater in the picture to the left (Ulupa’u). I did a little finger painting – mixed media madness really. Dave helped get the shape of Ulupa’u just right because I had been working from memory at the second beach we went to today. I saved some sand and sprinkled it on using spary adhesive. The shells are stuck on a mound of old glue stick glue.

Dave is not a big fan of my mixed media stuff but I told him what one of my friends (Liisa) said once – being an artist means one feels compelled to create. So…it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be good LOL J. For me to keep a creation of my own, it has to instantly and sufficiently recall a time and place – experiences that I value. I like the textures (sand, shells, seaweed for the cactus on the slopes) because they all enhance my memory of the place. For me, it’s like making a 3D movie instead of a regular film. When I look at this one (wherever we stash it in the house – probably the bedroom!) I will remember all the times the boys and I jogged or biked around the fish ponds on a morning adventure, muddin’ through knee-deep puddles left by a heavy rain, rescuing injured stilts, even going to the commissary every week. If you click on the picture and blow it up you can see the sparkles in the sand!

I’m a turkey!

Impossibly beautiful skies over the Ko'olaus - where we're having Thanksgiving.

Impossibly beautiful skies over the Ko'olaus - view from the beach where we're having Thanksgiving.

Today mom, the boys and I went to base to run errands for Thanksgiving – getting the permit for the pavilion I rented on the beach (on the Marine Corps Base), get some champagne and sparkling cider, and check out the pavilions once again in person. While at the beach, we did some watercolor painting and shell collecting, then as we packed up after this somewhat relaxing interlude I got a text from co-conspirator Liisa that our Thanksgiving guest list had just doubled from 17 to about 33 people! YIKES! My first reaction was OMG, my stomach did a flip, then I remembered that this is what Thanksgiving is all about for me – sharing with those near and dear as well as those who are without their near and dear folks. A squadron from San Diego that was just deployed is on their way to wherever they’re going, and this is the first stop. They are here without friends, family, food or fun. So we’ll provide whatever we can for them. With this news, our next stop today was the commissary, where I bought more plates and pies! Liisa and I are very foolish…or very clever. Either way – the funny thing is neither of us cooks!



Sammy has a cold and Dave has been working on a paper all weekend, so we’ve been laying low around the house a bit more. I used the time to finish up some art projects. The one on the left is for the boys’ room – some trash we picked up off the beach seemed to look like a pirate ship (complete with crow’s nest!), out hunting a whale… The other drawing is of Skene House for a lady related to our family long ago. She liked my Skene Towers drawing and asked me to do one of the house (really more of a castle). This is where Doug and Mary will be getting married in April…

Random adventure day


The boys and I went on a secret mission to get a birthday present for a dear friend and fellow adventurer. Afterwards we detoured to Kualoa Beach for a quick romp in the sand and to check out some new sights. Sam held on to Ben for me as I cleaned up the sand toys. He was very sweet about it, giving him soft lip-rubs on the fuzzy little head (I am not sure but I think they were kisses). He is way into Babar now, and specifically requested “Babar and His Children” from the library, so perhaps he imagines himself to be Arthur who is entrusted with pushing the stroller with the triplets… Anyway, a couple very cute impromptu portraits were the happy result. I also did a quick fingerpainting…which my dear friend Liisa totally loves and that makes ME feel amazing. So, thank you, dear friend, for the huge compliment! Happy Christmas in October, it will be yours 🙂


art day


Had a good time at the beach this morning with coffee and watercolors 🙂 I brought a couple canvases and shared one with Liisa. We made some interesting little pieces, using sand, glue, ocean water, fingers and even some trash 🙂 I like Liisa’s a lot (top right in photo of finished pieces, below).