Ben is a big walker!

Ben walking and Sam biking!
Ben walking and Sam biking!

Ben took his first steps about two months ago, but decided crawling was faster. Just last week he started walking, and hasn’t looked back. From walking about 20% of the time the first day he tried, he’s now up to walking almost all the time just 3 or 4 days later. Here we are at the beach park so they can both wreak havoc on all the weekenders. Ben is weight lifting in this picture. I also uploaded a movie so you can see him following a doggie and saying “duhddie” or something like that, and Sam is biking over logs, through puddles (not very big here) and rolling off curbs! Wow. That’s at the end of this 2 min movie. Click for movie: 2009-06-ben-walking

We still have the plague here. Sam relapsed or still has the same cold, but he never complains and still wants to do all these things. I try to get him to rest, to no avail. Ben is still healthy. Dave has another week of school work before this batch of classes and heavier than normal work load is over. We are blessed, though. Others, whom we pray for every evening, are facing much more daunting days and bearing heavier burdens.  


  1. Gramma Oli 8 June, 2009

    I laughed and cried all at the same time. What a wonderful video — I knew I couldn’t leave this morning until I’d seen it, and am I glad I made the right decision. I’ll be playing it in my mind all the way up to San Marino this morning. I LOVED Ben’s walking and breaking into a run to catch up with doggie, and his complete delight in puddle-stomping. You lead those little guys right in to the delights of childhood, never minding the dirt they’ll accumulate, or scratches they’ll get. Sam was amazing — he has bundles more control of the bike than when he started out, and even since his last video. I loved the slo-mo over the curb, and your text dropping down from the top was a great add-in. ^5 to Super Mom~~

  2. alli 8 June, 2009

    Thanks, Mom! I don’t know if I left it in the movie or not, but a lady was walking by as I got close to the puddle and she goes “It’s wet!” I replied “Yeah! That’s ok!” She must have thought I was a complete goon walking my toddler straight toward a puddle!

  3. Leslie 9 June, 2009

    Yay, Ben. I have the plague… been reclined all day since getting out of bed at 1:30 pm!

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