Ben: “Does God have a beard?”

Mom: Uh, no. I don’t think so. (Because I’m tired.)

Sam: But you don’t know. He might.

About 6 weeks ago we got Sam a Rubik's cube. Within two weeks he'd worked at it, and studied algorithms to solve the last layer which made solving a theorem look simple, and finally did it. I whooped and screeched like you wouldn't believe. Since then he bugged us for a 4x4, which he found was harder to solve because it doesn't have a static center piece. But he prevailed. And also got into wanting to understand the engineering inside, which led to dismantling them and not having the right tools to reassemble them. Hence, we now own 3 4x4 cubes, only one of which is functional. The latest - a 5x5! Which he says is easier than the 4x4. What a guy. Ben is working on a 2x2 and will probably beat me to it 🙂


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  1. Gramma 31 August, 2012

    And Alli and I have had personal instruction from Sam on how to solve a 2x2x2 and STILL can’t do it as of August 31! When we get home, I hope to get on the video site Sam uses. Somehow, even with a 5x5x5, he can get to the site and launch into the exact part he needs to work the next step. Richard and I are going to miss the boy’s morning “Boo”! We leave the office door slightly open, which means the boys can “invade”. First the little head shows up with a loud and very scary “Boo”, and then the big head. Both boys launch themselves on “our” bed and start talking. Then Sam, who is ready to scarf up the next part of a Rubik cube solution, tunes in to Robb on the internet to begin a session. Robb has a distinctive voice, and we’ll miss seeing Sam’s head silhouetted by his dad’s monitor, as he studies. Then there’s Ben — ever talkative Ben. As soon as he hits our bed, he says something like, “I’m going to get my blanket, and pillow and some animals.” He comes loaded with all, including Funny Bun Bun (2), Grown-up Eagle, a biting shark, and several others, and makes himself quite comfortable as he chats away. Alli, thanks for loaning your children to us for these special mornings!!

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