April’s baby shower

You remember my baby shower that Angel planned and hosted? Complete with kayak races and prizes? It was so much fun that when our friend April found out she was pregnant with twins (babies 8 and 9!) she wanted a crazy shower, too! So Angel recruited some more friends and this was the result…in her own words in an email to her mom:


Last night before April’s shower I went to Muumuu Heaven for an art show.

Jocelyn is a photographer and was showing her work. Beautiful photos of Hawaiian nature, close up and colorful.

The owner of Muumuu Heaven takes old thrift shop clothes and re-makes them into cute strappy sundresses… and sells them for $100 each.

Princess Liz, Annie, Dawn were there. A new friend, Liisa. I chatted with Jorge and Beth for a while, too. (Hurley)

Then we went to April’s baby shower.

The shower was fun! We were in this gorgeous house. we were sitting around eating our catered pupus and drinking memosas, chatting like ladies.

Then around 6:45 April decided to make her grand entrance. [We had all been wondering where she was!]

All the lights went out and a strobe light in the hug stairwell started. Loud music was pumping and April appeared by the rail three levels up.

She was wearing a slinky maternity dress and started dancing and strutting down the staircase. We were all whistling and clapping and whooting! ha! After that entrance, the party got crazy.

Allison Krug and I helped with the games. Alli is so lovely and goregous, she just doesn’t know it.

We had the poopy diaper toss. When Alli tasted the poop everyone went wild! The prize was a toilet seat. ha!

There was the don’t break the water race (water baloon between knees) and a watermelon race.

One relay our team members had to wear a house coat (like the kind you like), a shower cap, carry a grocery bag with daipers and champagne, two babies, a cell phone, and a mocha latte. they had to run across the yard and undress and re-dress the other team mate and do it all over again.

It was fun!

 It ended with a prettiest baby contest.

Everyone made baby faces on paperplates with glued on google eyes and gems and feathers. Then Princess Liz presented a banner and tiera for the winner. and the top three got barbies.

April had us all take a trivia about her. It was so funny!

One question was something like: All April’s children were fathered by Jeff. Ture or false. ha!

For the bonus question we had to match the names of her children with their ages. She has seven, six are boys! That was hard! These twins she is carrying are girls.

for names….Maybe Scarlet and Violet…..Jeff has to warm up to the names.

A very pretty blond lady was there, playing the games, drinking wine, laughing…then April called her MOM and everyone was shocked! She flipped her hair and smiled and said, “Yea, I’m April’s mom.” with a giggle.

April said, “We have a family tradition where you have to have a baby when you turn 18.”

April is 37, so her mom is 55? She these twins will be her 10th and 11th grandkids!

April got a designer daiperbag. she said it is her first daiper bag. she usually just throws a daiper in the car.

She got some daiper changing pads and other things she had no idea what they were….it was too funny. Babies #8 and #9 and she doesn’t bother with all those things…

OK, so right when everyone was sobering up enough to drive home, Annie, with her cute Scottish accent, says this is the first real shower she has ever attended, she has only seen them on TV. hee hee

It was fun!

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