2016-12 DEC

December went by fast! We enjoyed more outings to parks, Christmas party at the admiral's home on the hill, campfires in our yard with the kids, ice skating at an outdoor rink in Yokohama, and many enjoyable times with friends celebrating the holidays. It is generally sunny here, cold, and often dry.

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2016-11 NOV

Highlights for November include a visit to Tokyo to see the Emperor's Palace, leaves changing, rock climbing adventure with the neighborhood kids, the boys visit the barn where I ride, and Thanksgiving festivities!

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2016-10 OCT

October brings first hockey game and fall yard work...

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2016-09 SEPT

First month in JAPAN!!! School starts, ice hockey starts, household goods arrive, and Alli finds a horse!

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2016-08 AUG

This month we were the happy hobos, couch surfing at beach cabins, friends' homes, and camping in British Columbia during hockey camp, then finally traveling to Japan and getting acclimated...

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2016-07 July

July took us to Mazama for a last trip over Rt 20, Wheat's baby hatches, chickens are rehomed, vans arrive, Dave is gone 3 of the last 4 weeks we're packing, and the week of YES nearly exhausts me...

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2016-06 Jun

Move preparations underway, kids are out of school, roller hockey in full swing, and Wheat decides to go BROODY!

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2016-05 May

Chicks are hatching right and left, Ben turns 8, I start coaching roller hockey, we decide to say yes to moving to Japan, and travel with friends to Portland for a roller hockey tournament...

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2016-04 Apr

Walks with boys, garden being prepped, chicken mania begins in earnest, Spring Break to Hanford (B reactor) and Mazama...

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2016-03 Mar

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2016-02 Feb

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2016-01 Jan

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