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Ride and Review

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Mt. Walker with Mom and Richard

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20150628 154911  Oops...my wood pile got blown over! Guess I know what I'm doing for yard work... 20150629 162211  Ben practicing his ukulele at the park during Sam's roller hockey practice. 20150629 162450 20150630 132428  Now at a lesson with Randy...
20150630 135032 20150701 114243  Out on a pretty cool bike ride. We went to a friend's house, then some trails, then up a sweet road through the woods where Doug and Mary will be staying in a neat guest house...then home. 20150701 155705  Sam has been fixing things for me. This is the latest. He is SO handy! 20150701 162949  Coach Harris talking to the team at a game.
20150701 170556  Ken Fox is a really helpful parent on our team. Except...he's a bit too exuberant with the air horn which sounds off at the end of each period. He pumps it up to ensure he can really sound it off each time! 20150702 194928  This is to keep boys happy during summer camp even without camping on devices! Wow...lookie how many check marks we all racked up! 20150703 151123  At the mini tournament. Ben is regaling a group of rink rats :) 20150703 154022  Now he's buying up some sweets at the bake sale :) Kumkiko (on left taking money) and I worked the sale table. She did a great job organizing it. I got dry ice and parents donated soda and ice cream so we could make floats! Those were a big hit!
20150704 095449  Neat coasters Frank Renna made out of rink material! Those were for sale by donation. We grabbed some up! 20150704 143334  On a family bike ride for the Fourth of July. This is picnic lunch with crazy boys. 20150704 143341  Yup. 20150704 144421  Free-riding bug!
20150704 151745  Now we're about to hit the trail out at Port Townsend. 20150704 154353  This part is one of my favorites. 20150704 161439 20150704 161445
20150704 164111  At the mini tournament on July 3, we matched - both in orange. Totally unplanned. We can't plan ANYTHING, much less go along with a plan to coordinate shirts! Then the next day look what we're wearing - both green! 20150704 170533  I imagine this is what Montana looks like. 20150704 170858 20150704 170905  Biking back now toward town.
20150704 171002 20150704 172002  "This is my recovery pose," says Ben, with one arm flopping down and his head lolling back. He's a crazy guy to bike next to. 20150704 173311  Piles of wood shavings ready to be turned into paper at the plant. 20150704 173322  Biking back into PT!
20150704 173355 20150704 173508  Can you spot the ferry? 20150704 174312  Dave about to put all four bikes back on. 20150705 165206  I found someone's puck in our bags...always finding pucks!
20150629 162216 20150707 090612  I bet you can see these soccer cleats a mile away! 20150707 090619  Lovin' them, though! 20150707 135633  Lessons with Randy!
20150707 150020  Sam's turn 20150707 163309  Some roller hockey in the afternoon - an impromptu meet-up. 20150707 163452 IMG 2810  I'm training for a ride and review on Sunday...this is over in the arena, getting Emmy used to it.
IMG 2811  I managed to drop my phone in the sand as we cantered wildly around. I spotted it as we went by and was like "I better steer better than usual and iss that!" IMG 2813 IMG 0384  Soooo true! 20150708 181946  Ben doing a demo of his skills :)
20150708 182649  He LOVES to do this power turn! 20150708 182726  Around and around he went... 20150708 182800  Didn't want to take skates off. He's been skating for 4 hours now. 20150708 182844
20150709 084438  This is how I manage boys during the summer. If we didn't remind them of other ways to use time, they'd be on devices all the time. It's unplugged time all day... 20150709 102008  What are we doing here. I have no idea. 20150709 114833  Ben is at soccer camp. 20150709 114836  Here he is with the ball.
20150709 145819  More hockey meet-up time! 20150709 150004 20150709 160555  I made a sun dial so I could figure out when to leave :) 20150709 161912  My phone battery was dead. This shadow moved away from that piece of wood on the right about 1 cm in 15 min. Sun dials move slowly. I forgot that.
20150710 143732  The big RV is here! 20150710 180212  Gramma and Richard arrived for a few weeks' stay before we go to Orcas Island! Gramma was helping get chickens put away and got herself stuck to the chicken mesh. Ben saved the day! 20150710 183720  Out at Hammy's...Sam was turning heads with his blinding 3x3 speed. He's training for US Nationals. Seriously! His time is reliably below 30 seconds now. 20150711 113941  Leaving a roller hockey game. I actually have all of us in this picture - Sam, Gramma and Ben, Dave, Richard way in the background.
20150711 144039  At an Arduino programming workshop in the afternoon. A bit busy for a Sat but time well spent. It was rainy out anyway, which we really need. 20150711 153552  Sam got to go with a friend, too, which was nice. 20150711 170803  Halter and bridle all clean, ready for ride and review tomorrow! 20150711 171832  Boots clean, too!
20150711 202223  Look what I found in the truck! "Most Adventurous Jelly Bean in the World"! We thought we'd hidden this in my dad's backpack when he visited, but I guess it never made it in, much to Dad's relief :) IMG 5502  Some awesome photos that Deb Harris took during the games. IMG 5504  Sam is #34. IMG 5577
IMG 5658  Listening to Coach Harris afterwards. 20150712 080411  I'm checking out the ride and review set-up on my way to get Emmy ready. I am thinking to myself, there are SO many things she could freak out about. White boxes with flowers, a wagon for a judging platform, and the tents weren't even up yet. 20150712 080421  Oh well...put one foot (hoof?) in front of the other and go for it! 20150712 122633  I'm mending fences here...
arm wrestling  Arm wrestling with Richard is fun! arm wrestling2  Ben's left arm is REALLY strong. FullSizeRender  We're throwing hay bales around for Emmy's owner, Kris. They are REALLY heavy. 105 lbs (I called the feed store later as I could NOT believe how heavy they were!) hay2  I couldn't have done it without Sam's help.
hay3 hay5 hay6  Thinking about new tactics... hay9  Alright, on 3!
hay8  oh boy IMG 0908  Hay bale moving! IMG 0911 cubing competition  Looking up qualifying times for the Rubik's cube nationals.
20150715 121952  Once again trying to take a selfie with Emmy is very difficult. 20150716 105948  Basketball camp is over now! Man I really really wish my camera had been rolling for an impeccable layup and score! 20150716 125937  Ben in the hammock :) 20150716 130011
tea party  The Mad Tea Party in the coach! tea party2  Sara takes the cake for best hat, hands down! tea party3  Nice look, Ben! 20150717 175004  Stick and Puck going away party for Dillon Peterson, ice hockey buddy who followed the team up to Bainbridge for roller hockey. They are moving to Montana :(
20150717 175018  21 kids came out to play on the ice, so the two coaches took over the rink and had a great time! 20150717 175228  Some footage for you of the fun! 20150717 175343  Ben is on the ice as well. You may see a #4 blazing around. 20150717 175715
20150717 175719 20150717 182437 Dillon stick and puck  All the kids :) Petersons  Bye, Petersons! We'll see you in Montana!
IMG 0961  Look at how many people were there! IMG 0963 dillonparty1  The cake cutting was a frenzy! dillonparty3
IMG 0995  Then the after-party at McCloud's. Ben did NOT want to leave. You'll see why... IMG 0977  Bouncing and bouncing! Meanwhile, Sam is cubing in the midst of all the insanity, joining in the bouncing from time to time! IMG 0984 IMG 0985  If you get overstimulated by crowds and noise, this is not for you :)
IMG 0988  But I had a great time with everyone. My kinda place, peanut shells on the floor and everything. IMG 1021  Making banner material for us! Thank you, Richard! These will be used in the roller hockey playoffs. 20150719 205214  On the way home from hiking Mt. Walker. We JUST caught the sunset from Port Gamble. 20150719 205234
20150719 210446  The clouds were so pink. 20150720 164013  See these little guys? They do NOT want to fledge! They hang out at the shed at the roller hockey rink, with all the commotion there, and just enjoy their birds' eye view of the action! 20150720 164039  Mommy feeds them in the first few seconds of this video. 20150720 175325  Banner-making party and ice cream social.
20150720 175331  We seem to eat a lot of ice cream at roller hockey! 20150720 180035 20150720 180720 20150720 182126
20150720 184738 IMG 1068  Just can't wait to dive into EGG SALAD! 20150721 130300  Making shakes to repair the roof of the little bird house in the background. Which is beyond repair, really. It's just a good family project, I think. Not all agree ;) 20150721 133432  But Sam is a superb shake-maker. Ben and I are attempting to start a fire the hard way.
20150721 133629 20150721 133737 20150721 155006  How hard could this be to build? 20150721 155257  Someone naughty!!!
IMG 1087  Finishing up the project! IMG 1090 20150721 174814  Gluing on now. 20150721 175249  Chopping wood seems fun!
20150721 175258 20150721 183135 20150721 191022 20150723 143407  Quiet reading time on the deck. What could be better!?
IMG 1093  Talking to the boys about currency... IMG 1094  They really loved learning from Richard! 20150724 131021  Decided to go help a friend chop wood, then quickly learned that willow is ridiculous to chop. It just doesn't split. This is paper-dry, aged willow, and we beat ourselves up on it. 20150724 144201  Time to move on to the straightforward fir, pine variety!
20150724 144254  Oh yeah! 20150724 150159 20150724 150220  Sam likes the 8 lb maul. So do I. Must get ANOTHER axe. We have 8 already because several boys like to chop with us. 20150725 111450  Sam's roller hockey team.
20150725 185439  A friend is running for School Board! 20150726 172547  Drying out plums to make some... 20150726 181835  Plum tortes! 20150726 190728  They came out really well.
20150726 201006  Sam is whipping some cream to go with them. 20150726 201502  Ben finishing it off... 20150726 201524 20150730 103105  Emmy had a wild night trying to get apples. This is part of a fence stuck between her shoe and hoof.
20150730 110924  A friend's horse - I took the picture and sent it to her at work :) 20150730 130251  Fence part still stuck in there, waiting for the farrier. 20150730 170854  Boys plaing a card game on the deck, eating shrimp I thawed. Nice setup, huh? Shrimp and cards? 20150730 192752  Then over to Sara's for dinner. The girls are SO creative, making a sirloin out of a stone!
20150731 114515  Dave going to a retirement ceremony, and willingly agreed to let us take pictures. Handsome husband - thank you for the opportunity to take some pictures! 20150731 114543 20150731 114556 20150731 114724  Ben really likes the sword...
20150731 114732 20150731 114808  This is my favorite shot... 20150731 114841 20150731 160726  Down to a card store in Bremerton to trade in a $109 Magic card for store credit. Chase was exceptionally helpful!
20150731 161656  Happy happy boys with their loot!