Alli bday

Alli's bday - a little climbing fun!
WP 20150616 002  Every year I do something I'm a little nervous about for my birthday. This year it had to be climbing! WP 20150616 001  Why not? $30 for an hour with a trained belayer. That's a bargain! WP 20150616 011  That's Sam climbing - he decided to be my climbing partner for my birthday even though he really doesn't like it a whole lot. I was really proud of his willingness to try something out of his comfort zone. WP 20150616 010  It wasn't actually as scary as I thought it would be! I zipped right up and it was a lot of fun! I was breathing hard and nervous, but it wasn't physically hard. Really cool!
WP 20150616 005  First climb ever! WP 20150616 006  I finish the climb and belay down! Uncle Tom - what do you think!? WP 20150616 008  Sam's turn!