First Communion

Pic-05172013-004  Trying on First Communion clothes. Pic-05172013-005  Crazy man always on the move! Pic-05172013-006 IMGP9106  So cute!!!
IMGP9107  I mean, handsome! IMGP9109  Getting picture taken. IMGP9110 IMGP9111  I thought this cross out in the back was pretty cool. I'd never seen it before.
IMGP9112-001 IMGP9112 IMGP9113  Kerchoo! IMGP9114
Pic-05182013-001 IMGP9116  One of my friends grabbed this of all four :) IMGP9117 IMGP9118  Funny faces!
IMGP9119  Practicing the song they will be singing. See the nice luncheon they prepared for us? IMGP9120  Outside the church. IMGP9122  Here they come! IMGP9123  Sam is right behind the young man in orange.
IMGP9124  My friend's son doing a reading. IMGP9126  All done! Tons and tons of boys in the class! IMGP9128 IMGP9129  This was so funny. The daughter of a friend of mine just wouldn't stand up for a picture and long after their family photo was done, and our boys were all playing together, she was still in protest.