Ben 5th Birthday

IMGP9139  Benji's fifth birthday party! The same day as First Communion, so mommy and daddy were a bit busy! We had friends and neighbors over to play games, shoot hoops, eat cake and enjoy a champagne or beer. IMGP9141  Here is an egg and spoon race for kids vs. grownups. The kids were very motivated! At the end I had Ben and our neighbor Brian handing out gummi worms for us to carry back in our mouths. I had the gummi worms in "scratch" - graham cracker crumbs I found in the pantry. IMGP9142  Putting worm in mouth! IMGP9145  Here comes one of the neighbor boys. We have a great neighborhood - the kids can all run back and forth on the trails together.
IMGP9147 IMGP9153 IMGP9155  Go Lauren! IMGP9161
IMGP9162  Nice, Beth! Must be your gymnastics training as a girl. IMGP9165  Beth is racing her son here! IMGP9169  Daddy got into the act, too! IMGP9173  Sam and I are going at it again. He is determined to beat his mom.
IMGP9176  Running with them??? These are raw eggs! I think I dropped mine. I gave the teams two chances. This is the tie-breaker set. IMGP9179  Those kids were fast and they weren't even cheating! IMGP9180 IMGP9181
IMGP9183 IMGP9187 IMGP9189 IMGP9192  Discussing the rules?
IMGP9198  Cake and pizza time. IMGP9200  Yay! My new neighbor and friend, and her baby girl! IMGP9201 IMGP9202
IMGP9205  Here comes Ben's cake! He designed it all. IMGP9207  Told me what to do and how to decorate. IMGP9211  Lighting it. IMGP9212
IMGP9214  Ya! 5 lit at least for a minute! IMGP9218 IMGP9221  The older boys were so excited for this last prank - Silly String shot at the grownups! I should have gotten way more cans of this! IMGP9222
IMGP9224  You can see the excitement here! IMGP9225  Poor baby girl got some on her head! IMGP9226  Lots of laughs! IMGP9227
IMGP9228 IMGP9230 IMGP9233 IMGP9236  Where is Sam going?
IMGP9237  And the others - off in a hurry to do mischief? IMGP9241  Here they come again! See those two boys running? IMGP9242 IMGP9244  That was fun!
IMGP9246  Naughty girl on the table! IMGP9247  Yum! IMGP9248  The sun even popped out briefly! IMGP9249  Sam wanted to cut his own piece. Oh boy!
IMGP9250 IMGP9252  Gordon turned 1, too! Happy Birthday, Gordon! IMGP9254  Yum! IMGP9255  Ben has been wanting this set for a long time! He was so excited!
IMGP9256  Opening other presents from his friends, too. IMGP9257  A kite from Brian and Terry - so fun to run with at school! IMGP9258  Another neighbor present! IMGP9259  Oh, cool! It's the monster tractor I've been eyeing at Bay Hay!
IMGP9260  He loves how the wheels are squishy and dirty already! IMGP9261  Nice card from his friend, all decorated with Lightning McQueen. IMGP9262  So cute! IMGP9263  Thank you so much for this great card!
IMGP9264  And a neat flashlight from our neighbors, too! That comes in really handy for lighting the way on the trails! Pic-05182013-002  Sitting on the "roosting" bar :) Pic-05182013-004  One of the girls said it "Was the best party ever!" I had a great time, too! Thank you for coming!