IMGP4892  So our carpenter friend, David, and his buddy John, are making us a chicken coop. They had a hole in their schedule open up, so David's wife wrote to me - "Let's get those boys chickens. They'll be done with the coop in two days." Wow! So I had to go over and look. IMGP4894  Here it is arriving! IMGP4895 IMGP4896  After borrowing lots of available hands to get it into the pen, and level, Dave arrives home to find me bringing mulch in to cover the gross ground and get it ready for hens to scratch around. Daddy is checking it out. It looks to me, though, like there might be birds already in there?
IMGP4898  Oh! There ARE! IMGP4900  The hen door! IMGP4901 IMGP4902  The side window!
IMGP4908  Mommy hen and her two young roosters. It's nice and snug in there! The coop is made from shiplap lumber from a yard which was torn down. I think the shiplap dates back to the 1930s? It is what was used to build before there was plywood. Really cool stuff. David did an AMAZING job with all antique, found items in his workshop. I can't believe how lucky we are! IMGP4909  This is what the view is like if you're a hen. IMGP4911  The next series of pictures will speak for themselves. The boys were just ELATED with the hen house. IMGP4913  Studying every inch!
IMGP4915  That's their hen face! IMGP4916 IMGP4917 IMGP4918  Popping up out of the nesting boxes!
IMGP4919 IMGP4920  Chicken face! IMGP4922  Uh oh. I know what he's thinking. IMGP4923  Yup!
IMGP4924  Oh no - the big guy, too?! IMGP4925  This will never work. He'll get stuck. Oh well - we'll just see what happens. IMGP4926  Hmmm... IMGP4927
IMGP4928  Oh wow! Totally did not think he would make it. IMGP4929 IMGP4930  Such cute boys! IMGP4931  Now we just need to build the run and go adopt our birds!
IMGP4934  Always interesting to watch daddy, who is splitting wood for the fire.