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PC300002 PC300006  Can you find Santa??? The boys really enjoyed this. We were on a little run, spying on the Obama compound ;) PC300010  I'm gonna get you mommy! PC300014  Bumper boats are always a big hit with the boys - even at night!
P1070002  The First Circuit Court in Honolulu where I had to go retrieve some documents from microfiche. Mom was thankfully there to entertain the kids while I reviewed and printed... P1080004  Becca - thank you so much for the German cookies! See what happened to them when the savages got their hands on them? P1080006  "Mom, I gotta show you something. This is how you find Orion's belt. You hold it up like this, then line the stars up [in the crack at the bottom of the box]." This just cracked me up!  One other funny Sam-ism I keep forgetting to mention is a story Mary related to me during their visit. He was out boogie boarding with her and wanted to go back to the same spot they'd just been in. So he said "I want to go back to the same atoms where I was." Mary really couldn't believe her ears! The other night he said "Mom, you know, atoms are even smaller than grains of sand." Righto. P1100007  "Ride Daddy's boat! Ride Daddy's BOAT!!!"
P1100009  We all got out on the water just before gale force winds and waves kicked this calm, creamy ocean into a frothing, white-capped playscape. P1100014  Racing Dave and Ben. I'd have a fighting chance if Sam were up front, as he was on our trip out to Flat Island in a few minutes. Thanks for capturing this, mom! P1100023  And for playing with little guy, showing him how to cheer for a football game (when it got too cold to hang at the beach), and feeding him yummies while we battled wind and waves :) P1100029  The adventurers made it out to Flat Island, and took a brief hike to watch the SUPers riding a few waves.
P1100030  Neat tide pool on the northwest side. P1100035  Now back at the beach, Sam is playing while Dave loads the truck. I really got a workout paddling back! I fought the wind and current on the way out, but by the time we were coming back I had to fight an even stronger wind/current to get home! Ha ha...but I do like it rough - not so boring :) The wind was howling in my ears, and feel the water slapping the bottom of the SUP and making it vibrate under me. Like riding a horse, sorta... P1100036  Sam is such a boogie boarder. He was having so much fun out there! P1100055  "Watch this, Mom!"
P1100056 P1100063  Gotta pull my shorts up before I get this roller! P1100078  All set... P1100083  Oh no, hoppers up! He got huli-ed by this one!
IMG 0001  Sam the Ham :) IMG 0007  This is our favorite part, I think... and here's puffer fish for Ben to see up close after so many visits to the fish ponds to see our "friends." He's going "Puffer fish TO-DAY!" IMG 0014  A sting ray!!! Whoa - big! IMG 0018  The kids both got a kick out of tossing lettuce to the turtles. Happy to pay $2 to help keep this attraction afloat. It's the best aquarium and marine mammal show around.
IMG 0021  This guy was tired and kept flopping around, looking like he'd fall right into the water! IMG 0024  Kisses! IMG 0028  Entranced...even with shave ice in the paws. It's Ben's naptime so he's squirmy but still quite interested. IMG 0033  This dolphin show at 1:45pm (in case any locals are interested) was really lots better than the other one at noonish out in the big pool. We were able to sit in the shade, closer, and could see the animal's entire bodies - in and out of water. So we could see the tail flukes working, bodies twisting to build up projectile force to get out of the water for a high leap that made the boys really take notice.
IMG 0035  Ben loved this - "Ball-ball! Ball-ball!" IMG 0044  Taking another close look on our way out. IMG 0053  And look who we found cleaning! Such a nice girl, and the boys really loved getting to look at her equipment and bubbles for a long time. She waved, did shaka, high-fives - so nice. What a great time! We are members...one of my favorite places to go. P1140005
P1160010 2010-01-18ZooDay  Nice trip to the zoo with Mom and Richard, followed by some Mexican food. 2010-01-18ZooDay (2)Cactus  Sam loves cacti - this one is blooming beautifully! 2010-01-18ZooDay (4)Tortoise  Tortoise snuggles...
2010-01-18ZooDay (5)Alligator  I like what my mom said about this guy's teeth - "croc snack tools" :) 2010-01-18ZooDay (10)MeerCat  Meerkats are always a big hit :) 2010-01-18ZooDay (13)Hippos  This rhino couple was very funny. She (on the left) seemed annoyed at him. Shoved him around and out of the pool, then across the pen. Maybe she wasn't done harping on something :) 2010-01-18ZooDay (18)  Watching the "monkey show" :)
ATT00007  Out on a bike/run together. What a nice morning the three of us had! ATT00010  And Ben jogged a half mile himself! He just kept jogging and jogging after Sam (up ahead on bike). I kept asking if he wanted a ride and he would say "nope!" in his funny way. He bunches his arms up high to jog - knuckles bumping into each other as he rotates his torso side to side. I guess I'll have to video it for you :) P1210001  Out on a hike with just my boys. Nice to just be the three of us sometimes when we're exploring a new trail. P1210005  Sam is such a great guy. We ended up on a different trail than we'd intended so did some backtracking to figure out how we could have gone wrong with a GPS and a map in hand! Confusing signage made for a nice adventure.
P1210008 Sam's bday invite  See folder above for all the fun! ATT00109  On our way to the birthday weekend campout! ATT00450  Biking and running around Hickam AFB - what fun racing through huge sprinklers! See how soaked Sam is already?
P1010004  Those two boys are so precious! There are moments when they like each other :) Ben is really into "reading" now. IMG 0002  A morning on Pu'u Pia - Sam's favorite hike. IMG 0011  Lots of roots on Hawaii hiking trails! Can you say slippery when wet??? IMG 0012  Ben pick-pocketed my GPS from my pack pocket then started using it! I heard lots of beeps and was wondering what was going on!
IMG 0015  Our friend Sean complying with some silliness :) IMG 0017  Love all the moss - reminds me of WA hikes. IMG 0034  Finding a geocache and swapping out some treats. Sam got a great National Wildlife Federation pocket puzzle. Ben chose this crazy dancing chicken! IMG 0038  "Ben peeing"
IMG 0048 P1010023  Look at that pout!!! P1010025  Learning shapes with the help of a nice leaf. P1010032  Sam with his pocket puzzle prize. Just liked the expression here :)
P1010033  And this one, too! P1270003  Some bumper boat fun for Sam's official birthday on Wednesday. See Dino got to come, too?! Mom and Richard got a soaking, too! Thanks for the pictures mom! P1270005  Ben loved shooting and I loved having someone to blame for really getting people good! P1270008  Sam sneaking up on us :)
P1270009 P1270012  Look at that face! P1270020  Like our dino cake? I put every candle in the house on there. Sam's wish: to write a note to the teacher when he goes to school. Sweetness. P1270021  Blowing it out!
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