PC310021  On our way to the cottage at Barking Sands. We splurged and rented a Jeep to see how we liked it. We've always wanted one...but they are so darn expensive. PC310023  A big storm blew in while Dave was out provisioning (and Ben was napping). He had to race to get the roof put back on the Jeep! PC310031  But then the sun came out and look what a  gorgeous, remote beach we had virtually to ourselves. The sand is latte-colored - yum! PC310033  We had a good walk, throwing coconuts, finding crabs, stepping in footprints.
PC310038  Catch us, Daddy! (Like their little travel outfits so I can find them readily at the airport? Or at least describe them easily! Thanks so much Aunt Kate and GG!) PC310039  Our cottage was the fourth from the left. PC310043  It's our anniversary, so there are some shenanigans underway. 2009-12-31Kauai (4)BarkingSandsAnnivJump  When I say "Catch me!" please do, ok?
2009-12-31Kauai (3)BarkingSandsAnnivDinnerShenanigans  Out to dinner at Shenanigans on base - they are all decked out for New Year's. PC310049  Anniversary dinner with mom and Richard, who accompanied us on this trip. What a great view! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  On an early morning run - catching the moon still up, too! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
P1010060  Doug - I think of you every time I see surfers. Miss you! P1010108  Felt like I was running across the top of a latte on the way back. The rising sun made the sand look so creamy. P1010109  Those mounds are crab holes. Big ones. P1010111  Sun catching the waves and making them sparkle.
P1010113  Out to breakfast before hitting Waimea Canyon. Such nice views of a rural area. Kauai is so relaxed with far fewer people living there than O'ahu (60,000 or so vs almost a million). P1010114  The canyon is immense! 2010-01-01Kauai(10)WaimeaCanyon  Trying to catch the whole family is challenging! P1010119
P1010123  Waipo'o Falls - 800 feet of falls in two tiers. 2010-01-01Kauai(11)WaimeaCanyon  Jeep! Dave liked the roominess of the four-door vs two-door. We all had a great time with the roof off up front. The XTerra has all the get-up-and-go of a Jeep so we're hard pressed to make a change, but there's just something about a Jeep...or an old Land Rover Defender. RMT4776  Richard took some great snapshots of us. Fun to be a celebrity with his beautiful long lens reaching out to grab a photo op! RMT4777  Hang ten!
2010-01-01Kauai(21)WaimeaCanyon RMT4780  Ready for a hike! P1010130  Remarkable views of the Na Pali coast. P1010131  Starting out a bit damp on the trail but totally doable. Remember that storm picture earlier in the gallery? Yeah...very very muddy soon!
P1010132  Carefully testing my grip...pack is about 50lbs with 28 lb boy, water, first aid, rain jackets, food... P1010134  Dave was entrusted with the camera because these were some steep drop-offs! I don't like to venture close at all :) P1010135  Mom and Richard checking out a bit of the trail before heading on to see other sights. P1010138  Just amazing ridges and views popping out at every turn.
P1010141  Dense foliage at about 4000 feet. The mountain that feeds the streams and swamp at this elevation has the highest rainfall per year in the world - over 450 inches. P1010143  Sam really loves muddin'... P1010144 P1010149  Dad, watch this!
P1010152  This is for you, Uncle Tom! P1010156  Snacks at the vista, finally! The slipperiness made it slow going at the end - about 30 min to do 1/4 mile!!!!! We usually hike about 2 miles an hour. P1010158  Cloud rolling in... P1010159  Dad and son, enjoying the view and a happy day. Sam was just laughing and laughing the whole time, and Ben enjoyed it as well. Lots of Germans and Scandinavians on the trail. One guy was so cute and peppy - he really looked like a Christmas elf. Sam joked about him having funny shoes and Ben kept saying "look his shooes!"
P1010160  Ben gets to walk a bit at the end - we keep him on a puppy harness when we need to be extra careful. He doesn't like to hold hands with anyone but Gramma, so this gives him independence and us security. I can "parachute" him to break a fall or help him navigate tricky terrain. P1010161  At Waimea Brewing Company on an old sugar plantation. Beautiful "old Hawaii" grace. P1010164 P1010165  The boys and Gramma out playing a bit before dinner.
P1010166  Like the sampler??? P1010167  I was so hungry after carrying Ben for such a long time. Then I tried to read about restaurants on this long, winding, downhill road from the canyon ridge. I literally made myself almost sick. By the time we got to the restaurant I was shivering and ready to devour beer and/or food! 2010-01-01Kauai(26)GroveCafeWaimeaBrewCompany  Taking Ben for a walk to check out the sunset. 2010-01-01Kauai(9)GroveCafeWaimeaBrewCompany  Sam loved climbing this hala tree!
2010-01-01Kauai(24)GroveCafeWaimeaBrewCompany  View of the plantation restaurant from the ocean side. They rent houses there...very tempting! Thanks for the picture, mom! P1020171  Inside our cottage having breakfast...pancakes then heading up to the North Shore and Hanalei Bay! P1020172  See where Dave slept? Right by the door to enjoy the ocean sounds. I slept with the boys while Mom and Richard had another room. Everyone but me was coughing so much that we had to divide and conquer or none of us would sleep! P1020173  One-lane bridges! Sign says "Local courtesy is 5-7 cars"
P1020178  Such a neat town - Hanalei. Shot out the windshield, but you get the feel. P1020184  Finding a good snorkel spot for the kids with the surf up was no easy feat. Dave spotted this one on our way to Ke'e beach to see the end of the road. We wound our way back, checking out some lava caves on the way, then climbed down these roots to the westernmost portion of Hanalei Bay. P1020187  Can you spot Dave? RMT4804
P1020201  Me and my favorite snorkel buddy! We love exploring so much, like hiking under water. P1020212  See who we found? One of our usual friends, eating the algae. P1020214  Richard's feet! RMT4817  Richard took this awesome picture of Ben! Love that I can see Richard in the sunglasses! These shades, by the way, are the bomb. They are Julbos, they float, they are reversible (no rightside up or down), and virtually indestructible. $25 but worth it here where the sun is so strong. Believe it or not they are mountaineering grade - category III protection or some such thing!
RMT4831 P1020215  See the surf just past the rocks? Pretty sizable waves. P1020216 P1020226  Ben working on his technique!
2010-01-03Kauai(47)GroveFarm  Mom or Richard took this tranquil picture. This is Kauai. Peaceful, uncrowded. Can't wait to go back! Kauai Kuhio  Us in our little Jeep :) P1020228  Yum! Brazilian food for lunch! P1020232  Funny guy :)
P1020235  And shave ice and mac nut milk shake (this was to die for!!! Ben and I totally fought over the straw). RMT4857  After a fun day running around together...this is at Lydgate State Park, a good place to snorkel with kids as well. RMT4859  Ok - now a serious one, Sam :) P1020236  Sunset on our second full day. Leaving tomorrow...boo hoo! That's Ni'ihau in the distance. It's a private island owned by the Robinson family, descendents of the Sinclairs who traveled to Kauai from Scotland to look for good places to graze cattle. I'm thinking they just wanted better weather. You can't just pull up on a Ni'ihau beach and look around, though. They will shoo you off saying the beaches are not public. The island is 17 miles away, they only get mail once a week, and there are only about 200 people living there, honoring the ancient Hawaiian lifestyle. One school for 40 kids is run entirely on solar power. If you read up on the island, you'll find a fascinating connection to the attack on Pearl Harbor during WWII...
P1020237  Someone kiss me, it's sunset! Sam was the only taker :) P1020241  We actually got to see whales breaching very close to the shore! Dave estimates less than 500 yards - might even be closer than that. They were visible just beyond this cresting wave where the water appears to have a darker stripe. RMT4867 RMT4870