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PA010001  Another funny visit to the doctor. It was a big day - doctor appt to figure out what was protruding from my ribcage area - a tumor? A cyst? Who knows. Doc ordered some x-rays, but thought it really might be just my floating rib (did you know you have four of them, two per side?). Sam enjoyed seeing mommy's bones...You'll never guess what the radiology tech is pointing to...email me if you want to know. PA020003  Little boy in his muscle shirt with lots of fettucine alfredo on his front! We are at Toys R Us getting Sammy a little paleontology present which you'll see in the next sequence. PA030005  He has really been doing some excellent reading of a dinosaur book and taking a keen interest in excavating. So we found this dinosaur dig present and the boys did it after our big run today (half marathon - 13.1 miles!). PA030007  "Mom! Come look at what we found!"
PA030008 PA030002  Such cute boys working hard! PA030003  Assembling their big find! PA030004  Look at what we unearthed!
PA030006  T Rex is in our yard! Now if only he could keep the grass trimmed down and the palms pruned... PA040002  In keeping with the dinosaur theme, we went to the Bishop Museum's dinosaur exhibit last weekend with the boys. They were in awe of the huge animatronic dinos! PA040003  Daddy talking to Sam about T Rex. PA040006  T Rex roaring!
PA040011  Whoa! Even Ben was snuggled at my side for once. PA040016  Inside were a whole bunch more displays. The roaring within the building was enough to unnerve a grownup! PA040019  Look at the face! This was really cool - sand-covered "bones" for the kids to unearth. PA040023  Back outside, processing it all :)
PA040024  Like the juxtaposition here. Ben was really impressed, but not afraid. There were 5 yr olds crying while parents were trying to get them to smile for a picture in front of a huge dinosaur roaring. Poor kids! PA040027  Matt and Melodie - this is for you! See how much fun this toy continues to bring! PA070030  Out on a hike with our intrepid adventurers, April and Ben. We're checking out a waterfall that's been on my list. Sorry, Liisa, and all other waterfall fanatics - didn't think it made sense to pull off a big outing to this new location because I didn't know exactly where it was, how long, parking, etc. etc. PA070032  Jeep road for 1.8 miles to the base of the falls.
PA070033  Lots and lots of white ginger along the way. Nice smell! PA070034  About to flower. PA070039  Trying to get us all in a picture is hard! PA070041  Another scene from LOST...someone was playing hide and seek in here. I think. I don't watch the show.
PA070044  Flowers all around. PA070045  The last little bit to the big falls! It was a decent uphill to get here - a bit over 500' elevation gain. PA070048  Very sweaty guy - it is muggy muggy here right now. Sitting by the cool spray was really nice. PA070049
PA070050  Our lunch spot view. PA070051  My friends :) PA070055  Stomping! PA070056  Yes - stomping time makes it hard to take pictures! Ben is on the LOOSE!
PA070059  April is making sure Sam doesn't scale the wall too high :) PA070064 PA070065  Action shot of everyone! PA070073  Wrapping up an offering (rock in ti leaf). Upon further checking once we got home, this is not actually an offering custom but what is used to keep actual offerings (ho'okupu) from blowing away in the wind. We have never actually wrapped a rock before but did so today since we've seen people do this so often...glad I checked into it.
PA070077  Thinking of people and saying a prayer for those on our "list." PA070078 PA070081 PA070082  Sam romping around now.
PA070085  This looked like a nice place to have a seat! Looks like he's on another kind of seat, though, doesn't it? PA070086  On the way down - if the brights didn't blow out my picture  you'd see the ocean there instead of white! PA070088  The tunnel where water comes out of the mountain to feed the freshwater supply which is chlorinated a bit lower on the trail. Apparently the BWS gives tours... PA070090  Oh boy...liquid fudge guy! He is only 20 ft from the end of the trail. BUMMER! Had to hose him down with my water reservoir and tube, then put on a change of clothes. He was not pleased. One would have thought he wouldn't mind - he was puddle stomping all the way back!
PA100001  Jim, a friend of Dave's brother (Steve), visited for the weekend on his way to Guam. PA100008  He's teaching Sam Kendo moves. They use a bamboo sword in Kendo so it seemed quite appropriate. PA100010  Snorkeling after a 6 mile run. Water felt great - it was so hot and humid! PA100014  Nice to see our "friends" out and about!
Copy of PA100017 Copy of PA100039  Ben romping with Daddy. He really loves rough play with Daddy and regularly wades or swims into water that is too deep for him. Constant watchfulness! PA100042  Loves splashing! PA100045  And Sam snorkeled all over!
PA110002  Out for breakfast. Look at Ben's little face. He wanted to hold "paws" with Jim. PA110008  Went up to Byodo In since it was really rainy. Always beautiful there, especially in the rain for some reason. PA110010 ATT01274