2009-09 SEPT

East coast trip

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sept1  Quick beach time with Daddy before he headed back into work. sept2  On a hike with Angel and April - Ben has a stick to beat mommy with :) sept3  Anyone know what this is? sept4  More swinging time!
sept5  The Old Pali Rd - part of the hike. sept6 sept7  Old old papaya tree! sept8  Look at those fruits!
sept9  Likeke Falls! sept10 sept11  Sam enjoyed romping all around. sept12
sept13 attsept14  On a run at Pearl Harbor - playing in the sprinklers is always fun, especially huge ones! sept15  One of our favorite bike-runs around the fish ponds - looking for Mr. Hammerhead shark! sept16  Then went down another big one.
sept17  Trying to catch a picture of this guy is hard unless you head him off in a tunnel! ATT00249  Out on a long training run with the boys - 9 miles pushing stroller. Not sure I'll do that again any time soon. My pelvis felt like it was going to fall out later in the day. BUT it was a great time to homeschool - captive audience with book in hand! ha! P9270001  Out at the beach for Mikko-Dakota's 4th birthday party. P9270005  Fun to see the boys swimming again - we've only been home less than 48 hrs by this point :)
P9270008  Doing a little "stomp" dance he learned from Uncle Steve! P9270010  Fun! P9270011  My friend Liisa, the photog and mom of MD. P9270012  Finding "bones"!
P9270015  Love this shot of Sam! P9270022  And this one of Ben! P9270025  Sitting and watching Big Brother's tricks. P9270027  He kept rolling off the back of the rock and cracking up. He'd roll off in slow-mo with a smile on his face.
P9270030  Sam looking for a good high point to jump from. P9270036  How about this? P9280002  Funny mommy serving dinner in a dump truck :) P9290008  Our friends from the C5 out on a hike with us!
P9290010  And Kathy and Caleigh, of course! P9290011  The bunker-top crew snacking. P9290014  Sam loves to shimmy up anything pole-like. IMG 8136  New friend Caleb (5) gettin' a little crazy for the camera :)
IMG 8145  The gang - thanks Kristi! IMG 8162  Ben hikes in the pack on the way up and on his own on the way down. He loves to be on his own. Big boy now! IMG 8185  The harness is a life-saver. When he wipes out I can save him centimeters from a nose-plant. He doesn't want to hold hands (and granted I'd rather not, either, because then I have to hunch down a bit). P9030003  Sam really worked hard at getting all the way up this pole. He finally succeeded!