2007-04 (APRIL)


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IMGP2030  The little gecko egg that hatched! She is somewhere in our house now, eating bugs :) P4020092  Doing more "races" up and down the hill in the park. P4020094  Great views of mountains all around us. p4020101  Sammy played with a book that has wheels on it (Digger) for a long, long time while we chatted. Then we went to Kalapawai (A-awai in Sammy speak) for lunch. Such a life, huh? I know...It was a busy week for me. I was working early in the morning before he got up, during naps, after dinner...but it's great to share this time together in the mornings.
p4020102  The book and a stick. p4020103  Lunch! P4020104  I think we chomped on egg salad that day. p4020108  The walk from mom's place down to the beach. This is her shot...nice work mom!
P4020109  More pictures of the afternoon at "Oli's beach" - she is living about 100yds from this beach. P4020114  All the kite surfers love this beach because of the onshore wind. You don't get blown to another island :) p4020116 P4020117  A Hawaiian outrigger canoe. This is the state sport, called "paddling."
P4020118 P4020120 P4020122 P4020123
P4020126 P4020128 2007-04-05 Sam stretching on a run  Sammy stretches out after a run... IMGP2144  Sammy at work - making calls to a mystery friend "Dado." It goes something like "Dado? Ah you day-oh? ...  ...  OK ... No no no .... .... Yewo?  ... OK...bah bye." He rolls his eyes, holds the cell phone on his shoulder, pulls the antenna out, and types on the keyboard. Very professional!
IMGP2168  Mauling Gramma and all his animal friends! IMGP2176 IMGP2178 IMGP2182  Mom got me this cute dress! We went on a date :)
IMGP2183  Dave was not very compliant with this effort to take a "cute" picture... IMGP2186  Playing at the tide pools. Sammy likes to haul up on the beach like a sea turtle :) IMGP2187 IMGP2199  Sharing a special treat at Gramma's house!
ATT00192  Sammy gets to run through a real finish line! This was up after the Lanikai triathlon. IMGP2219  A watercolor I did for mom of the islands off our beach - the Mokulua islands. She loves the kite surfers, so it seemed fitting to put one in there grabbing the last of the dusk winds. This koa wood frame was pricey, but pretty :) I haven't painted in years, but the colors here are so beautiful that I finally got motivated to try. This is combination finger painting and brush, using Sammy's water colors :) ATT00154 imgp2221  This is on it's way to Bill and Gail - I found a tablet of watercolor paper pre-printed to be a postcard on the reverse. How cool!  I use saltwater to dilute the paints, and kona coffee to color the sand :)
ATT00089  Shaka on the way to Lanikai Juice after a run. Gramma is giving us a ride :) imgp2324  Some more paintings - quickies based on what the bay looked like today. 2007-04-22CommissaryRomp  Fun at the commissary with Gramma pushing :) IMGP2337  another beautiful Pillbox hike - this time a reverse traverse.
IMGP2338  Runway at Bellows. IMGP2340  Sam with his favorite flower tucked away. The wind is really powerful today, hence the squinting and crazy looks. IMGP2346  Chug chug chug! IMGP2348  He loves these trekking poles!
IMGP2349 imgp2350  A brief stop for a snack, then on our way, Sam on his own two feet for this half of the hike. imgp2354 IMGP2361
IMGP2363  Found a dial to turn! IMGP2364  The Mokulua Islands featured in many of my sketches and Sam's books. IMGP2365  More stuff to turn and twist! IMGP2368
2007-04-23pillboxfinishline (3)  Gramma surprised us at the end of the hike! 2007-04-23PillBoxFinishLine (4)  Hi TEN buddy! 2007-04-23pillboxfinishline (5) 2007-04-23PillBoxFinishLine  Ahhhh - shave ice! Yes, my shirt is soaked with sweat, and I can barely see because my hair is plastered all over from the salty wind.
IMGP2371  Stealing Gramma's shave ice! IMGP2396  Another beautiful day at the north shore guarding the turtles :) P4260031  I'm second from left, talking to some people about turtles. Sam is in the foreground with Gramma. Lots of people come here hoping to see a turtle. Entire tour buses get out and wait. I think there were 100 people here during my 3 hr shift. P4260032
P4260039 P4260036 imgp2398  And a stop at the shrimp trucks on the way back was fun... imgp2399
IMGP2400  Spelling it all out for me :) imgp2403  Just to give you an idea what the typical menu comprises... imgp2404  We think the competition was a few years ago, but hey... imgp2405  Rice, garlic shrimp and cabbage. Yummy!
IMGP2406 IMGP2412  Some sourdough bread baked from natural yeast starter. Turned out pretty well! IMGP2428  The Sam-in-a-Hamper show ... taken to the next level! IMGP2442  Lots and lots of people turned out for the 15th annual town party.
IMGP2433  The Kailua Town Party...this is our restaurateur friend - he's opening Formaggio Grill in Kailua later this summer. Such good food! The whole town keeps asking when he's opening since his wine bar in Honolulu has such a great reputation. IMGP2435