2007-01 (JAN)

2007-01-28 Camping trip

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ali sher leo dia  Hike with some of our Swamp Romp team (up to a dozen women now!). This is one of the pillboxes on the Lanikai Hills hike above Lanikai beach. Nice graffiti, eh? awesome Ali  Hot, sweaty mama! dai leo sher ali  A better view out this way - from L to R: Diane, Leo, Sherry, me, Sam. happy camper
on top of the world  We never get tired of this view. Thanks for the nice shots, Angel! sam hike 3  Dad and Marilou - note the backpack! sam hike 4 2007-01-17Waimanalo (1)
2007-01-17Waimanalo (2) 2007-01-17Waimanalo (3) 2007-01-05SatchelOfMooshyCandyFromGranpaPete 2007-01-06Babysitting (1)  We are so lucky to have mom and Pete here to watch Sam while we sneak out for some parent time. They have SUCH fun together! Thank you, guys, for loving him so much.
2007-01-15KailuaBeach (1)  Some unique beach toys... 2007-01-15KailuaBeach (22)  Mom caught a kite on camera! 2007-01-15KailuaBeach (4)  With mom's help watching Sam, I was able to give Caff a chance to run and play on the beach. 2007-01-15KailuaBeach (5)
IMGP0161  Sam often lounges with his friends :) IMGP0169 IMGP0171 IMGP0173
IMGP0178  A surprise visit from Cindy and her husband, Dale! I worked with Cindy at Sharp in San Diego several years ago and have enjoyed staying in touch with her. They were here for the fourth of July - what a wild celebration! You can see the neighborhood lit up with fireworks behind them. IMGP0183 2007-01-01NewYearsDayKrugsSoftIceCreamFromGrammaPete (2)  Soft ice cream maker from mom and Pete! This will be a hit for years and years! 2007-01-01NewYearsDayKrugsSoftIceCreamFromGrammaPete (4)
2007-01-01NewYearsDayKrugsSoftIceCreamFromGrammaPete (6) 2007-01-01NewYearsDayKrugsSoftIceCreamFromGrammaPete IMGP0187 IMGP0189  Sammy found a present under our bed and hustled it all the way down the hall to us! He had found his easel, so we decided to let him open it (we were going to save it for his birthday).
IMGP0194 imgp0201 IMGP0202 IMGP0207
IMGP0210 imgp0212 IMGP0216 imgp0218
IMGP0220  I love how Nate gives Sophie a drink out of his hat! imgp0221  We love this ridge hike because Sam can do so much of it. We keep a good hold on him in many places, though, because it's a tiny bit narrow for him to do all on his own. imgp0222 imgp0224
imgp0225  Holding on tight to Daddy on the Pillbox trail! imgp0228 imgp0229 imgp0232
IMGP0233 2007-01-08GeckoFriend  Mom's gecko friend! IMGP0241 IMGP0244  A hike with Laurie on the Pillbox trail in Lanikai. Here she is enjoying a nice spider web!
IMGP0250 IMGP0254 IMGP0258 IMGP0259
IMGP0260 IMGP0267  Wow - new hiking shoes! IMGP0271 imgp0279
IMGP0286  Tita Bear said Sammy would be a great model and asked how he was with taking direction. I decided it would be fun to find out while "modeling" his new hikers. Here he is learning some poses from Gramma :) imgp0294 imgp0296 IMGP0311
IMGP0314  A morning of fun at the beach with Gramma! IMGP0316 IMGP0318 IMGP0320
IMGP0321 IMGP0322 imgp0323 imgp0324
IMGP0328 IMGP0330  Dave's nightstand. IMGP0331  Alli's bedstand. Several books in progress. IMGP0332  In our CD player one random weekday morning (Dave listens in the early morning while having coffee before work).
IMGP0333  Pilates session with Leo in our backyard. You will note Sam has a very hand's-on approach to his teaching :) IMGP0334 IMGP0335 IMGP0336
IMGP0339 IMGP0341 IMGP0342 IMGP0343
IMGP0344 imgp0345 Sam modeling Page000 IMGP0352
imgp0353 IMGP0354  On the Kuli'ou'ou hike - Sam did a great job climbing over rocks and hiking up about 1/2 mile of this trail in his new Merrell (!) hikers! He enjoyed chasing me back down about 1/2 mile of the trail from the summit through an ironwood forest. IMGP0356 imgp0357
imgp0361  Ironwoods - I loved this section. So soft to hike through! IMGP0368  PB&J on the summit - yum! IMGP0369 IMGP0372
IMGP0373  Lunch for mom and Gramma (thanks for meeting up with us!) and shave ice for Sam at Keneke's afterwards! IMGP0375 IMGP0376 IMGP0377
IMGP0378 IMGP0380 IMGP0381 IMGP0383
IMGP0384  Sam loves to watch pictures on this neat digital frame from Uncle Dan - thank you so much! imgp0397  Trying on mommy's sunnies. IMGP0405  The nice view from Correa Farms in Waimanalo. We'd like a little eating area like this in our yard! imgp0413  Checking out a pony ride farm in Waimanalo - great views from their farm, and Sam enjoyed seeing the horses.
2007-01-17Waimanalo  Sam LOVES the water and always cries when it's time to go, even if he's sick (as he was here). 2007-01-17Waimanalo (4)  Little dip in the tide pools afterwards :) imgp0418 IMGP0425
IMGP0435 IMGP0437  Feeding Aunty Angel grapes! park time 004  Sammy is getting good at the "Shaka" (not shown) and "rock on" signs! (There are many ways to say "I'm TWO!") park time 010  On a run - we stop at the park for Sam to run up and down the dunes, and say hello to birdies and duckies.
headed home sam hike 1 sam hike 2