2007-01-28 Camping trip

IMGP0748  Our busy executive jots down the to-do list while eating. 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (1)  It was great to share the day with new friends, including Leo's in-laws, Mary and Jim, who stayed for two weeks and enjoyed their grandchildren. 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (3)  Getting ready to light the sparklers! 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (4)  Sammy decided to put out the plates to get this process moving along.
2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (5)  Hanging out with Bridget and Greta, and Sophie the dog. Still waiting for those candles... 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (6)  Wooo hooo! 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (8) 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (11)
2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (12)  The adults enjoyed it, too :) 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (13)  Brendan is a frosting freak, so he and Bridget shared the sparkler bottoms. 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (15) 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (19)  Yum! He seemed to like it very much!
2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (23) 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (29)  Brendan's parents, Mary and Jim, joined us! Turns out we were in Princeton at the same time (during high school - Doug, Brendan is your age and went to Hun). 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (30)  Dave is busy honcho-ing dinner at this point. (It was really good!) 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (32)  Opening presents from friends!
2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (38)  Reading instructions on one of the toys first. So cute! 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (39) 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (40)  Dave busy working on dinner - including fresh basil! wow :) 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (41)  Grilled sausage and red pepper pasta. My favorite Dave meal I think.
2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (43) 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day (44)  Jesus brought us some contraband pallettes. Then he came over to help turn them into kindling. Hard work! 2007-01-27Sam2ndB-day(a) IMGP0749  Birthday morning peekaboo with Daddy! Dave's first day off in 27 days. He was a trooper about not sleeping in and going on the camping trip.
IMGP0750  They are both so cute in the morning :) IMGP0763  Sammy reading with his tent while we pack up. IMGP0774  Yeah! We're at our site! IMGP0775  I'm reading while Sammy naps.
IMGP0776  You can barely see Sammy's little "pig-pen" on the left and our big tent on the right. IMGP0779  Strange talismen left for us by previous campers. IMGP0782 IMGP0783
IMGP0791  A nap with a nice view. IMGP0792  Our campsite - we moved Sammy's pig-pen into the big tent rear room for the night. He just napped out there while we set up. IMGP0796  Almost ready for my party! IMGP0799  Wow - lots going on over there!
IMGP0803 IMGP0805 IMGP0807  They have a six-month old (Greta) as well. IMGP0815
2007-01-28SunriseInCamp (2)  Nothing like a sunrise through a tent window! 2007-01-28SunriseInCamp (4)  Dave enjoyed how cute Sammy is when he wakes up. He loves arising to a different setting - he talks and goes "oohhh!" quite a bit! 2007-01-28SunriseInCamp (5)  Sticking his fingers through the holes in his crocs! 2007-01-28Sam2ndB-dayMorning (6)  and Bear!
2007-01-28Sam2ndB-dayMorning (8)  Got milk? 2007-01-28Sam2ndB-dayMorning (9) 2007-01-28Sam2ndB-dayMorning (11)  Milk for Sammy... 2007-01-28Sam2ndB-dayMorning (14)  Time to start the day.
IMGP0816  The best part of camping - fire and s'mores! IMGP0825  Ah yes... 2007-01-28Sam2ndB-dayMorning  Playing in our kayak while Mommy packs up before paddling. IMGP0835  Somebody lounging in his pig pen with his "friends" Big Moosie, Little Moosie and Bear.
IMGP0849  You can barely see the bottom of a big rainbow right above the third fence post from the left. IMGP0850  Now second from left... IMGP0852 IMGP0853  Sun on the mountains in the morning - this is what Dave sees on every drive to work across the H3.
IMGP0855  Nate enjoys some coffee cake mom made - an old family favorite! It has pineapple in it, very appropriate for Hawaiian camping trips! IMGP0862  One more present to open with Catie's help :) IMGP0863  Laurie and Nate made our breakfast - pineapple coconut pancakes with guava syrup, and eggs. Wow! Thanks guys! IMGP0865  Nate fends off a HUGE marauding bee! (I didn't mention Dave slept with an axe last night, did I? Every camping family has a story about the Dad sleeping with an axe - we just didn't think ours would be on our first outing!)
IMGP0868  Laurie and Catie discuss how old Catie is about to turn in April (4) while Sam enjoys playing with his tent poles. IMGP0869  Daddy and Sammy checking out the beach in the morning light. IMGP0881 IMGP0887  Nate got called in to work so they had to leave the kayaking to us. We explored different areas of the bay this time - including sunken island (you can beach your kayak there at low tide and walk around - from afar, it looks like you're walking on water). This is mom's new (used) kayak - great find, mom!
IMGP0890  So hard to get a shot of all three. Perhaps this is why Dave got me a waterproof camera this time!? IMGP0891  Cool video - you'll feel like you're snorkeling as I hold the camera under water. Watch closely as we pass over the reefs - you'll see fish dart around! IMGP0895 IMGP0896  Walking around at sunken island.
IMGP0897  A great finish to a wonderful time. It was a birthday to remember. Thanks to our friends and family for making it so special. (A big thank-you to mom for all the decorations!) imgp0770  Then doing a little artwork (while we continue packing for an overnight - this is why good campers stay several days or weeks - lots of packing up!). imgp0804  Leo and Brendan's daughter Bridget. Such a cutie! imgp0846  Dave had a sleepless night fending off marauding bands of young, drunk Marines.