2006-10-28 Aikahi Park

IMGP8277  Splashies! IMGP8278  A secret little cove my neighbor showed me the other day. View across Kailua Bay toward the beach park and our town. Nice property along the water here, eh? IMGP8269  He can pick up pretty big rock. He even carried a jumbo bag of diapers for me the other day. He had many accolades from onlookers for that feat :) IMGP8267  Checking out the coral and rocks.
IMGP8274  Beach access path. Hawaii has open public shoreline access in most areas so you can get to even the most exclusive beaches via a little path from the road. IMGP8281  Thomas the train makes tracks in the sand! (My camera lens didn't open all the way here - it's taken a beating with me, but Dave has since fixed it.)