A nice walk in the woods

Dad was here for a visit! We had such a great time - here's a family shot on our favorite neighborhood trail where I try to grab family portraits on holidays or whenever someone is visiting. This is the picture log! I think I just fell off the log and barely got back on (the camera is on timer).


This is Dave's face when I ask him for a llama, a goat, or anything furry. I'm going to need a "kid" when my kid goes to school next year! I'm covertly planning my farm...

Some highlights of the visit, which was accomplished via space-a on a C17:

  • walks in the woods and on the beach in the sun
  • catching sight of the USS Ronald Reagan pulling out through Rich Passage from Bremerton on a beautiful sunny day
  • buying some plants to add color to the garden, including the forsythia Dad and Grammie sponsored for the family and friends garden! that is the perfect choice!
  • chomping chipped beef and chicken casserole – a Grammie special that Dad made – fed us three nights!
  • attending the school auction at IslandWood which does environmental education
  • fire time and pizza in the garden with the chickens as the stars came out
  • walks around the property imagining my “farm” which Dave does not approve of (I really want a llama!)
  • Merlin chastising Dad for striding so aggressively up to him while I was mucking out the disgusting run
  • domino time with the boys, and training other students after school to be team leaders for Domino Day in art class on Friday
  • Chess with Sam
  • lots of reading – Dad finished off Rickover’s biography
  • fires in the fireplace
  • hanging out with Ben and two other friends while I went to a long meeting on Thurs (I do a lot of volunteer work for school and district)
  • meeting my friend Amy who shares many common childhood stories with me – some involving chickens!

Ben talking to a little friend who went on a hike with us - and we saw an owl in the woods! Note the fence in the background - this is the "country" fence I need for my little goatherd.


  1. Tam 15 March, 2013

    Oh Alli! Sounds like you had a great visit. I especially love Dave’s face in that picture. A llama? Just wondering why? And you can’t have just one can you? It would be lonely. Love hearing about your exploits! Miss you.

  2. alli 15 March, 2013

    Hi Tam!
    Llamas are so entrancing and regal looking. I met one a few months ago and I can’t forget the encounter. Zorro walked up to me in his stately fashion, long neck erect, ears perked. He leaned in with his big nose and lower teeth bared (llamas have no upper teeth), got within 2 inches of my face and took in a big, deep drink of my being – like he sniffed in long and hard, leaned back, reflected (like a person thinking about a wine) and then leaned in again to do the same thing. I was told to hold still, he’s not going to hurt me, but not to move. OK! Right on! You’re right – they are herd animals. So the other part of the plot is GOATS! Llamas are easy to care for from what I have read. Maybe you could even have one? You could walk it to the store and have it carry your groceries home. Or maybe your stand-up paddle board to the beach. Imagine the possibilities! They can carry up to 1/4 of their weight. If you get a big llama…well…

    Love you, Tam!

  3. Gramma 24 March, 2013

    I am entranced with little Ben leaning down to his friend, hands on knees and chatting away with a big smile on his face. Who wouldn’t feel warmly welcomed like that?!

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