A double serving of bonehead juice, please!


I did a timed set-up and take-down of this simple dome tent for an upcoming Mommy/Sammy/Ben camping trip. Dave will be back East in August so I’m going to have an adventure. I did not get clearance for another space-a trip because if we get stranded back East (flying solo without Dave makes us cat 5 vs cat 3 during peak travel season, and I can’t hopscotch from one base to another) we don’t have money to fly us home! I am so excited – I already booked our sites for Aug 22-24. I’m going to invite friends to camp with us…stay tuned for the invite!

OK so about the bonehead juice. I packed up the tent and couldn’t fit it so I re-rolled it tighter then wondered why it fit so well, then noticed I hadn’t folded in the rainfly! Sam was making “coffee” for us in his coffee shop, and when I said “mommy is a BONEHEAD!” he said “Do you want me to make you some bonehead juice?” I got two servings!

Hey Dad – question for you – do I really need a tarp under the tent with the built-in tarp so high (6″)? And do I need to ditch it? Remember the keep-it-simple camping methods I employ so I can go light and fast with the boys 🙂 Wanna join us??? Look for a space-a this way! Love you!!!!

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  1. alli 8 July, 2008

    Excerpt of email response from Dad re tarp and ditching question (saving it for posterity here!):

    Tarp under tent bottom always a good idea, even with the overhead canopy, to keep ground moisture from getting into the tent floor; something Hawaii has a lot of. I suggest using a ultra light survival wraparound blanket for this purpose; you know the aluminum appearing item.

    Ditching the tent not needed unless there is better than a 25% chance of rain of any consequences. Ditching should be done so that the water is encouraged to run off the tent into the ditch PLUS any upslope potential run off towards the tent is detoured away from the tent. Just putting a barrier up instead of a ditch works also or a combination of these two solutions. Even just pushing top soil up against the edge of the tent to cause the water run off from the tent itself to run away or around the sides instead of under the edge is the objective. Just remember whatever you don’t do has its own form of consequences, or is it what you do, whatever!

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