Vigil for 2017

A backyard fire, splitting wood, The Boss, Ballard beers, bourbon…all things known and good. The Promised Land draws to a close and ignites tears. Memories of friends no longer near, family far away, dear ones passing. A vigil it becomes, as friends drift in to the scent of white cedar, and share the losses this year has brought. Burdens unloaded as sparks ease over the woodstack, gently closing 2017 with hope for a New Year. A torch will light the way from vigil to vigil here on this court, where friends quickly become family. Thank you for standing the watch. Here’s to being the first to kick-start 2018!

And Dave…thank you for taking us on this experience of a lifetime. Ambassadors for the land of the free and the home of the brave. Love you! Happy 16th anniversary!!!


  1. Marilou 31 December, 2017

    Happy anniversary and Happy New Year??

  2. Gramma 1 January, 2018

    I remember the moment of that picture and, and my thoughts of God’s gift of new beginnings, not only for you and Dave, but also for all those who were there to witness and share in the “birth” of a new entity — the birth of a marriage! It’s a whole new road that is reinforced by the headship of Jesus who blesses it, loves it, and leads it for those who are willing. You and Dave are lights in these days of darkness, to your families and friends. Congratulations on being among the “willing”!!!!

  3. Allison Krug 1 January, 2018

    Thank you, yes it’s 2018 here!

  4. Pops 1 January, 2018

    Nice rich meaningful prose.
    Happy anniversary and already new year about 14 hours ahead of us here.
    Blessings with love and remembrance in our prayers to you four out there.

  5. Pops 1 January, 2018

    Happy anniversary and new year also from me with blessings and prayers. Pops

  6. Pops 1 January, 2018

    Happy anniversary and New Years with blessings and prayers. Pops

  7. Tamara 1 January, 2018

    Happy anniversary! And a happy new year!

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